Your City's Finest Truck Graffiti

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Truck YeahThe trucks are good!

New York City has given me a whole new appreciation for the talent some graffiti artists choose to bestow on the blank panels of box truck flatness. Who else has seen some excellent illicit truck art?

A square commercial truck is really the perfect canvas for an opportunistic artist. Where else can you find such big, open spaces without climbing up the side of a building? Besides, truck owners are often too busy to remove all but the most offensive tags, and the truck's delivery duties guarantee a lot of visibility.

Show us the coolest and most interesting expressions of emotion you've seen sprayed on the sides of commercial haulers.


Image: robzand/Flickr

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Both here in New York. The Sprinter I happened upon while emerging from the L train one night in Brooklyn; the, uh, whatever-it-is I spied in Battery Park City.