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As the civil unrest in Ukraine comes to a head, protestors claim to have taken President Viktor Yanukovych's private estate, and with it, his personal car collection. Using state funds to maintain a fleet of old Soviet runabouts? Along with everything else the protestors have endured, that's not going to go over well.


It's a little unclear who controls Ukraine at the moment, with the opposition controlling the capital, Kiev, and Yanukovych alternately claiming that there was a coup, but that he was also not resigning. Usually one precludes the other, though the situation on the ground is currently fluid, to say the least.

Unlike the Shah of Iran's private stash, Yanukovych's collection looks to be a motley assortment of communist relics, but that doesn't say anything about its provenance. It's not easy to make out everything from the pictures emerging, but right now the information and images are pouring out of the Yanukovych compound, and already we've spotted everything from Chaikas to Trabants.


The guy even had his own private gas station:


Oh, and he's also got a ridiculously big boat. Because of course he does.

Think you can identify the cars in the collection? Let us know in the comments below!


UPDATE: The Ukrainian parliament has voted to dismiss Viktor Yanukovych as President, and has set elections for May 25th, according to Reuters.

Photo credit: AP/Kostyantyn Andriyuk/Ukraine Pravda

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