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Much to ChryslerCo's chagrin, 'jeep' is something of a catch-all that doesn't just refer to the American offroader. It stands for just about any Jeep-like vehicle and trust me, there are a lot of Jeep wannabes.

So, taking a slightly liberal approach to what a jeep is, I'm gonna say that I have a particular affinity to the Beijing Jeep BJ212.


It's a Chinese copy of a Russian copy of a mixture between a Jeep and a Land Rover. There's something baudrillardian about it. It is a copy so far removed from the original that it no longer tries to pretend it's a faithful ripoff. It's its own design now. The BJ212 debuted all the way back in 1965 and is still being sold today and dammit, I kinda want one.

What's your favorite jeep that isn't a Jeep? Be creative — I'm keeping a very broad definition of what is and isn't a jeep.

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