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Last week we learned BMW has at least five front-wheel drive models in the pipeline based on a new platform used on the BMW 2-Series Active Tourer and the 2014 Mini Cooper. Up next on that list: the next generation of their smallest crossover, the X1.


The current X1 is something we actually rather like, since it's based on the old 3-Series platform and is thus rear-wheel drive. That won't be the case with the next X1 set to debut in 2016, according to Autoweek. They report that the car will instead ride on the front-drive UKL platform.

The good news, I suppose, is that the X1 won't actually be front-wheel drive; it will be adapted to all-wheel instead. (One can assume the next-generation Mini Countryman will go the same route.) Autoweek also says the next X1 will be smaller on the outside, but offer the same amount of room inside somehow.

Here's another first for the X1: no more inline six. Since it uses a transverse layout it will have three- and four-cylinder powerplants instead, one of which may have 300 horsepower to run with the Audi RS Q3.


Last but not least: There's going to be a BMW X2, because of course there is. Autoweek says "X2 is the new X1, only sportier." I can hardly contain my excitement.

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