Its bonnet is sealed shut. So what? The Alfa 4C is still your mid-engined Italian carbon fiber sex bomb, with performance to match. Keep your Cayman, I'm sold on this.


The good people at Goodwood took the car out for a spin on the historic track, and guess what? It was faster around on the wet tarmac than a Corvette Stingray. Extremely low weight and a punchy turbo four can play more with the laws of physics.

Now, I know what you're thinking. The Porsche Cayman must be a better car. And you're probably right. Faster on the track and more comfortable out on the road. It doesn't matter, though.

The 4C is an Alfa Romeo, and it's the one that was created to tell you that every car fanatic's favorite brand is back, with more rear-wheel drive cars coming soon to challenge the establishment.

If you get a 4C, you buy a fast and fun piece of modern automotive history, the first affordable carbon fiber car.


If you buy a Cayman, you're making a smart choice. But will it feel right?

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