Watch A 28.5L Fiat Drive For The First Time In A Century And Be Afraid

The Beast of Turin Fiat record car will run up the hill with its 28.5 liter four-cylinder at Goodwood this summer at the Festival of Speed, and here’s its first drive in 104 years with Lord March himself in the passenger seat. It’s a loud one. » 3/31/15 8:35am Today 8:35am

This As Close As You'll Probably Ever Get Flat Out In A McLaren F1 GTR

Start The Weekend With This Massive McLaren F1 GTR Photo Dump

Get Lost In The Amazing Details Of Group C Cars Like This Little Girl

Group C cars are basically closed cockpit Formula-1 cars that had to run for 24 hours at full throttle before the party ended in 1994. These Le Mans veterans are the coolest, and I've never been so close to them before. Warning: I came back with tons of pictures! » 3/26/15 5:35pm Thursday 5:35pm

The Goodwood Parking Lot Is The Most Amazing Parking Lot Anywhere

Members of the Goodwood Road Racing Club had the chance to display their rarest, most extraordinary and beautiful cars at the Chicane Paddock during the #73MM. But instead of checking that out, I went to the public parking lot to see what the common man uses when visiting Lord March.
» 3/24/15 2:00pm 3/24/15 2:00pm

This Crash Was So Totally Bonkers It Looks Like A Glitch In Mario Kart

The Derek Bell Cup at the 73rd Goodwood Members’ Meeting was for 1000cc F3 cars from between 1964 - 1970. Highlights included lots of great vintage racers and one “OMG HOW THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN” moment. » 3/24/15 12:35pm 3/24/15 12:35pm

"For Christ's Sake, Make Sure He's Careful!" - Driving Dad's Hesketh

Freddie Hunt's first real spin in his father's 1975 Hesketh 308 F1 car at Goodwood and what's it like to drive for "Ferrari". » 3/24/15 9:08am 3/24/15 9:08am

Missed The Live Stream From Goodwood? Catch Up With The Highlights!

The 73rd Members' Meeting was a sold out event, but in case you weren't one of the roughly 18,000 people who made it to Lord March's racetrack this time, the folks at Goodwood Road & Racing have a treat for you: » 3/23/15 3:15am 3/23/15 3:15am

This Is Not The Greatest McLaren F1 GTR Picture In The World, No

This is just a tribute. Couldn't remember the greatest F1 picture in the world, no, no. This is a tribute, oh, to the greatest supercar-turned-racecar in the world, all right? » 3/22/15 1:02pm 3/22/15 1:02pm

[It's the 1975 Penske-Cosworth PC3 PC1 and Freedom against the best of Europe here at Goodwood during the high-airbox F1 car demonstration laps. They fight hard. 'Merica. Fuck yeah. Photo credit: Máté Petrány/Jalopnik] » 3/22/15 10:10am 3/22/15 10:10am

Here's Chris Harris Busy At The Goodwood Office In An Old 911

[In the end, Mr. Monkey came 6th today at the Goodwood Members' Meeting driving Howard Donald's 1965 Porsche 911. Photo credits: Máté Petrány/Jalopnik.] » 3/22/15 8:54am 3/22/15 8:54am

This Is Your 73rd Goodwood Members' Meeting Live Stream

The 73rd Goodwood Members' Meeting is being held this weekend, but fans of classic cars don't need to buy a ticket to England - we've got a stream for you right here. The stream starts at 9.00AM GMT on Saturday and 10.00AM GMT on Sunday, and both are all day. You can watch by clicking right here. » 3/22/15 6:00am 3/22/15 6:00am

The Best Feature Of A McLaren F1 GTR Long Tail Is Not Its Long Tail

McLaren F1 GTR Long Tail: The Jalopnik Review

The Oxford Dictionary says that in order to drive, you must "operate and control the direction and speed of a motor vehicle." So on a technicality, I just drove a McLaren F1 GTR Long Tail. » 3/21/15 12:30pm 3/21/15 12:30pm

Jump In A Low Drag Jaguar E-Type For A Quick Lap Around Goodwood

What Makes This Ferrari 250 GTO Unique Is That It's Regularly Driven

Lord Bamford is one of the only guy who owns two Ferrari GTOs, and when it comes to his 1963 250 GTO, it’s been raced or driven on the road every year since he bought it in 1969. Its history is intertwined with the Goodwood Circuit’s. » 3/11/15 8:45am 3/11/15 8:45am

This Ford GT40 Is An Active Racer

This 1965 Ford GT40 is a regular contender at the Goodwood Revival, and is said to be one of the most original cars in existence. It's next race will be at the Members' Meeting next month. » 2/16/15 10:45pm 2/16/15 10:45pm

Get Very Intimate With A Jaguar D-Type And A Lagonda V12

Chances are, you won't get much closer than this to either of these wonderful race cars, so enjoy these beautiful images coming straight from Goodwood Aerodrome's Hangar 8. » 1/20/15 1:20pm 1/20/15 1:20pm

Ford Tested A Prototype Of The Original Mustang In Goodwood As Well

» 11/27/14 5:48am 11/27/14 5:48am