Polka dots, bomber jackets and pearl necklaces in 2019 can only mean one thing. The Goodwood Revival came and went and brought back to life one of the greatest eras of motoring to date. Here’s your master gallery.

(Full disclosure: Subaru invited me to attend the 2019 Goodwood Revival on its dime. It paid for my flights, put me up in two very nice hotels, fed me, provided all the booze I could want and helicoptered me to and from all three days of the Revival.)

Stepping into the Goodwood Revival for the first time can be overwhelming. There’s music, laughter, vintage exhaust notes, the smell of old engines and all kinds of outfits and cars to look at and chase after.

Then there’s the parking lot. Rows upon rows of D-Types and F-Types. More old 911s than you could count. Enough Minis to satisfy any enthusiast. Plus a few weirdo Japanese cars here and there. Something for everyone.

And in the background, and endless crescendo of V12s, straight-sixes and guttural American V8s. All racing at full chat.

I can’t do much about the sound for you now, but here are the photos. Enjoy.

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