10/31/2015 - Two Manor Marussia F1 Team Bosses Plan To Quit Team At End Of Year: Report

10/31/2015 - Jeremy Clarkson Makes Jabs At BBC In New Amazon Commercial

10/31/2015 - It Doesn't Even Matter That Button Sat Out F1 Mexican Grand Prix Qualifying

10/31/2015 - This Photo Tour Of The USAF's "Grim Reapers" F-15 Squadron Will Give You Shivers

10/31/2015 - LaFerrari Reportedly Crashes In Budapest And We're All Cringing At The Photos 

10/31/2015 - From Hosts Of Racing To Ghosts Of Racing: How These Famous Tracks Fell Into Despair

10/31/2015 - Juan Pablo Montoya Has The Wildest Shoes In Motorsport

10/31/2015 - Mercedes F1 Boss Thinks It’s ‘A Great Situation’ That His Drivers Can’t Stand Each Other

10/31/2015 - Russian Metrojet Airliner Crashes On The Sinai Peninsula With 224 On Board (Updated)

10/31/2015 - American F1 Team Adds Gutiérrez As Second Driver, Announces Captain Obvious

10/31/2015 - Weekend Motorsports Roundup, Oct. 31-Nov. 1, 2015 

10/30/2015 - Moto GP Racer Involved In Controversial Crash Allegedly Assaulted By Reporters

10/30/2015 - These Are Your Spookiest, Scariest Top Gear Stig Stories

10/30/2015 - Austin's Formula One Circuit Was Underwater Today

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10/30/2015 - Comment Of The Day: Islas Malvinas Edition

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10/30/2015 - Man Stuck In Tree After Car Floods Gives Best Weather TV Interview Of All Time

10/30/2015 - Volvo's Anti-Kangaroo Technology Will Be Useful Way Beyond Australia

10/30/2015 - Donald Trump Wants To Fire The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

10/30/2015 - F1's Nico Rosberg Blames United States Grand Prix Loss On Gust Of Wind

10/30/2015 - Ask Me All Of Your Car Wrenchin' Questions

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10/30/2015 - Superchargers, Turbochargers And Leaning Trikes, Oh My: What We Learned From The Tokyo Motor Show

10/30/2015 - Here's The New Bugatti Chiron Way Before You're Supposed To See It

10/30/2015 - Formula One Drivers Can Pretend To Wrestle With The Best Of 'Em

10/30/2015 - Two Dead After AW609 Civilian Tilt-Rotor Crashes In Northern Italy

10/30/2015 - Which Is Better Off-Road: A Brand New Jeep Cherokee Or My Old $600 Craigslist Cherokee?

10/30/2015 - The Man Behind Nissan's GT Academy And Le Mans Program Is Leaving The Company

10/30/2015 - The Hennessey Venom GT Now Has 1451 HP Because More Power Was Totally What It Needed

10/30/2015 - Aston Martin's Name Might Return To F1 After Over 50 Years

10/30/2015 - What The Hell Happened To The Kid In The Trunk In Children Of The Corn?

10/30/2015 - What Was The Shortest-Lived Military Vehicle Ever?

10/30/2015 - The Ten Most Enjoyable Vehicles In The World

10/30/2015 - Argentina Re-Opens Top Gear Case, Wants Clarkson To Serve Up To Three Years

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10/30/2015 - GM Says Don't Park Your Car In A Garage If It's Under Recall For Oil Leak Fires

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10/29/2015 - Cold War 2.0 As Russian Bears Buzz Carrier, Subs Snoop Around Seabed Cables

10/29/2015 - VW's 'Strategy 2018' Is Dead, Seven-Passenger SUV Still Alive

10/29/2015 - The Texas Mile Ran In The Dark To Avoid Torrential Rains

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10/29/2015 - Dynamic Airways Boeing 767 Engine Catches Fire While Taxiing For Takeoff

10/29/2015 - Soggy Austin Formula One Race Was 'Financially Devastating' For Organizers: Reports

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10/29/2015 - Renault Plans Thundering 1.0-Liter Version Of New Compact Kwid Hatchback

10/29/2015 - GM To Invest $8.3 Billion On U.S. Plants And American Jobs

10/29/2015 - Frank Ocean -- 'Crack Rock'

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10/28/2015 - Jaguar-Land Rover's SPECTRE Vehicles Are Fantastic, Even At Only 30 MPH

10/28/2015 - This DC-6's Departure From A Snow Covered Runway In Slow-Motion Is Glorious

10/28/2015 - The Toyota FCV Plus Is Like An Energy Hot-Spot For Your House

10/28/2015 - Toyota's Sports Car Chief Clarifies Where The Baby S-FR Could Sit In The Family Tree

10/28/2015 - Tell Us Your Spookiest Top Gear's Stig Stories For Halloween!

10/28/2015 - Image Emerges Of What Could Be A Chinese Knock-Off Of Russia's Su-34 Fullback

10/28/2015 - The Original Mazda RX-7 Is A Goddamn Masterpiece

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10/28/2015 - This Is How The Army's Loose $2.7 Billion Radar Blimp JLENS Was Supposed To Work

10/28/2015 - The Subaru Viziv Future Concept Is Hot, But Is It Ready For A Commitment?

10/28/2015 - The Army's Giant JLENS Blimp Breaks Free, F-16s Scrambled (Updated)

10/28/2015 - How My Nissan Skyline GT-R Compares To The E30 BMW M3

10/28/2015 - Mercedes Benz's Autonomous Hydrogen Minivan Concept Gives Up On Seats

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10/27/2015 - The Subaru WRX STI S207 Aims To Be The World's Most Enjoyable Vehicle

10/27/2015 - The Subaru Impreza 5-Door Hatch Concept Cranks The Excitement Up Maybe One Or Two Notches

10/27/2015 - The Mazda RX-Vision Concept Is The Return To Rotary Power We've Been Dreaming About

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10/27/2015 - The New Volvo XC90 Crash Lands Like A Helicopter

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10/27/2015 - Northrop Grumman Wins The Contract To Produce America's Next Stealth Bomber

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10/27/2015 - Updated Triumph Speed Triple Gets More Power, Still Looks Like A Bug: Reports

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10/26/2015 - Watch These Emotionless Workers Meticulously Tear Apart BMWs For Recycling

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10/26/2015 - U.S. Navy To Pass Within 12 Miles Of China's Man-Made Islands Within 24 Hours

10/26/2015 - Tell Us Your Spookiest Top Gear's Stig Stories For Halloween!

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10/25/2015 - Your Ridiculously Awesome James Bond Land Rover Chase Wallpaper Is Here

10/25/2015 - Teammates Keep Getting Up In Each Others' Space At The Austin F1 Race

10/25/2015 - Check Out This Awesome Aerial 360º Image Of The Department Of Defense's Boneyard

10/25/2015 - Hamilton Pushes Teammate Out Of The Way At The First Corner Of The U.S. Grand Prix

10/25/2015 - Tons Of Great Clips From So Many Races In This 1978 Documentary

10/25/2015 - Helmet Cam Video Shows Raid On ISIS Prison Where U.S. Delta Force Operator Died

10/25/2015 - F1 Boss Bernie Ecclestone Still Unsure On Red Bull's Future And Racing In The US

10/25/2015 - You Can Buy A Rolls Royce Phantom For The Price Of An S-Class, But Would You?

10/25/2015 - Mechanics Reenact Renaissance Paintings; Beautiful And Hilarious

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10/25/2015 - U.S. Grand Prix Qualifying Finally Happens, Nico Rosberg Takes Pole

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10/24/2015 - F1 U.S. Grand Prix Qualifying Postponed By Rain Until Raceday Sunday

10/24/2015 - This MD-80's Takeoff From St. Maarten Island Is Absolutely Nuts

10/24/2015 - Did You Know There Was At Least One Pontiac El Camino? And It's Still Alive

10/24/2015 - This Breathtaking New Footage Of The B-2 Stealth Bomber Is The Best Ever

10/24/2015 - Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II: The Slam-Poetry Review

10/24/2015 - New Honda Quick Release Lets You Run Multiple Tools Off The Same Engine

10/24/2015 - Rain Delays Aren't A Downer For Some Fans, At Least

10/24/2015 - Badass Land Rovers In Pursuit And Exploding In This New James Bond Trailer

10/24/2015 - Driver Who Put Pay Drivers On Blast Will Race Alongside Pastor Maldonado

10/24/2015 - Helicopter Killshot From A Backflipping Tank Is Epic Even If It's Virtual

10/24/2015 - Rooster Tails From Formula One Cars Are Awesome

10/24/2015 - Austin F1 Practice Is Being Run On A Slip 'N' Slide; May Count As Qualifying

10/24/2015 - Here's The Best Speed-For-Dollars Deal On The Internet Right Now

10/24/2015 - The Dream Is Over; Jalopnik's American Endurance Racing Endeavor Ends In Crash

10/24/2015 - You'll Finally See The 2017 Honda Ridgeline Next Month, As An Off-Road Racer

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10/24/2015 - Weekend Motorsports Roundup, Oct. 24-25, 2015

10/24/2015 - When Formula One Does Race In The Rain, Tire Strategy Gets Even Wackier 

10/23/2015 - What The Hell Is Going On In This Peugeot 308 GTi Commercial?

10/23/2015 - Watch As This P-3 Orion Hurricane Hunter Churns Through The Eye Of Patricia

10/23/2015 - What Is The Ugliest Color Choice You Have Ever Seen On A Car?

10/23/2015 - Improvised Condom Balloon Bombs Are Being Used In Syria To Fend Off Airstrikes

10/23/2015 - Man Reunited With Stolen '68 Camaro After 33 Years

10/23/2015 - Watch This A-10 Buzz Some Light Aircraft On A Runway... Twice!

10/23/2015 - Comment Of The Day: Two-Part Advice Edition

10/23/2015 - True Fans Don't Grab An Umbrella, They Grab A Battle Flag

10/23/2015 - All I Wanna Do All Day Is Ride Around On This Awesome Flame-Spitting Steam Tractor

10/23/2015 - There's So Much Rain At The U.S. Grand Prix We Could Run A Boat Race

10/23/2015 - Bouncing Off A Barrier Doesn't Faze A Stadium Super Truck: Highlight Reel

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10/22/2015 - Chinese Warships To Visit Florida As U.S. Sailors Get A Tour Of China's Carrier

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10/22/2015 - First F-16V Flies But Its New Features Won't Show Up On USAF Models

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10/21/2015 - The Chinese Really Want Aston Martin To Make An Electric Rapide

10/21/2015 - When Some Of These 24 Hours Of LeMons Cars Hit 88 MPH, It's Just A Miracle

10/21/2015 - Fiat's New Small Pickup Supposedly Based On The Jeep Renegade's Platform

10/21/2015 - This Russian Missile That Is Slung Out Of A Ship's Torpedo Tube Is Pretty Nuts

10/21/2015 - America Fails To Conquer Europe As Military Hummers Get Stuck In The Sand

10/21/2015 - Come Hang Out With Us At Jalopnik's Austin F1 Party On Friday, Oct. 23!

10/21/2015 - Comment Of The Day: The Motorcycle Itch Edition

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10/21/2015 - Expect Austin's Formula One Grand Prix To Be Very, Very Wet

10/21/2015 - Alex Roy And Two Members Of The Tesla Record Team Just Broke That Coast-To-Coast Record With Autopilot

10/21/2015 - Ferrari Is Now Definitively A $10 Billion Company

10/21/2015 - London's New Taxi Cab Is A Retro-Looking Hybrid From China's Geely

10/21/2015 - 30 Predictions About Cars 30 Years From Now

10/21/2015 - Why Nothing Beats The Bike

10/21/2015 - Domino's Will Dispatch A Fleet Of Compact Cars Turned Into Toaster Ovens

10/21/2015 - Saudi Arabia Is Buying The Littoral Combat Ship The U.S. Navy Desperately Needs

10/21/2015 - Here’s What Happened When I Took My Hummer Off-Roading

10/21/2015 - Ferrari Can't Stop Making Ugly Cars

10/21/2015 - Stanford Built An Autonomous DeLorean That Drifts

10/21/2015 - Update: Local Decision On Lime Rock Park's Future Postponed Until November 16

10/21/2015 - Your Next Epic Off-Road Video: Turbocharged ATV Vs. Industrial Wasteland

10/21/2015 - I'm Taking This $600 Jeep Cherokee To Moab Next Year Come Hell Or High Water

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10/21/2015 - What's The Weirdest Car Glitch You've Ever Experienced?

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10/21/2015 - We're Returning To AER To Take On Road & Track At Mid-Ohio This Weekend

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10/21/2015 - Arcade Fire -- Back In Time (cover)

10/21/2015 - For $2,200, This 1968 Wards Riverside 250 Could Be Your Demitasse Of Fun

10/21/2015 - U.S. Pilot Killed In F/A-18 Hornet Crash Near RAF Lakenheath In England (Updated)

10/21/2015 - The Sena Noise Control Helmet Is The First Helmet With Noise Canceling Technology

10/20/2015 - The McLaren 570S Must Have The Tiniest Engine Cover Ever

10/20/2015 - The Turkish Government Just Bought The Saab 9-3's Sexy Scandinavian Curves

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10/20/2015 - Cockpit Video Shows A Russian Su-30 Shadowing A MQ-9 Reaper Over Syria

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10/20/2015 - Air Force Loses Its Mind, Grounds Pilots Over Texting Miley Cyrus Lyrics

10/20/2015 - Comment Of The Day: That's Just Poor Engineering Edition

10/20/2015 - Attorney Says Tesla Security Fucked Up Newspaper Photographers, Not The Other Way Around

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10/20/2015 - Even The Smallest Porsche Is A 186 MPH Car Today

10/20/2015 - White Sea -- 'Future Husbands Past Lives'

10/20/2015 - Big Liberal Win In Canada Is Bad News For The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter 

10/20/2015 - Volvo V90 Wagon Final Design Leaked Via Toy In China

10/20/2015 - For $8,000, This 1987 Toyota 4Runner Hides Something Supra

10/20/2015 - Watch This Pro Snowmobiler and Pro Snowboarder Prove Winter Doesn't Have To Suck

10/20/2015 - Why Is There A Subaru Brat In The Final Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer?

10/19/2015 - Driver Who Swerved And Hit A Motorcycle Charged With Aggravated Assault

10/19/2015 - These Are All Of The Modifiable Cars In The Rebooted Need For Speed

10/19/2015 - Sweet Winged God Of Mischief, Doing Donuts In An Airplane Looks Awesome

10/19/2015 - Oslo Plans To Permanently Ban Cars In Its City Center

10/19/2015 - The Piper Cherokee Archer II Is The Ford Taurus Of The Skies

10/19/2015 - The First Successful Matchbox Toy Was Not What I Expected At All 

10/19/2015 - What's Your Worst Experience With Rust?

10/19/2015 - F-16 Takes Battle Damage From Small Arms Fire Over Afghanistan

10/19/2015 - Did Apple's Poaching Kill An Electric Motorcycle Startup?

10/19/2015 - Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's U.S. Carrier Visit Signifies A New Age For Japan's Military Doctrine

10/19/2015 - Ten Of The Fastest Japanese Cars On eBay For Less Than $10,000

10/19/2015 - The Real-Life Stark Industries Turns Decades Of F1 Know-How Into Speed And Green Energy

10/19/2015 - How A Garage Built A Street-Legal Porsche Prototype

10/19/2015 - Did One Company Spot Volkswagen's Diesel Deception Six Years Before Anyone Else?

10/19/2015 - Whoa Mama, Kawasaki Has A Grom Competitor Coming

10/19/2015 - How To Vastly Reduce The Odds Of Being Ripped Off When Buying A Used Car

10/19/2015 - Someone Finally Put Wood Grain On A Motorcycle And It Looks Awesome

10/19/2015 - Jay Leno's Teenage Dream Was To Drive This Bonkers Mercedes

10/19/2015 - 10,000 RPM Flat Out In A Toyota Starlet

10/19/2015 - Yamaha, Maker Of Clarinets And Bikes, Has A Sports Car Concept

10/19/2015 - Big Water-Filled Bumpers Were Once Almost A Thing

10/19/2015 - Electric Motorcycling Just Took A Massive Leap Forward

10/19/2015 - What Winter Automotive Activity Are You Most Looking Forward To?

10/19/2015 - The Ten Worst Cars For Sitting In Traffic

10/19/2015 - This Road Legal Monster Is Radically Faster And Cheaper Than Any Hybrid Supercar

10/19/2015 - Broke The Baja Again And I Don't Mind

10/19/2015 - The New Honda Civic's Toughest Competition Is The Crossover

10/19/2015 - Student Driver Was Doing Great Until She Drove Through Building, Cop Says

10/19/2015 - Die Antwoord – Baby's On Fire

10/19/2015 - For $25,000, This 1985 Mercedes Benz 280 GE Has A Celebrated Past

10/19/2015 - Meanwhile In London...

10/19/2015 - This Yamaha Electric Motorcycle Concept Is Two Wheel Drive 

10/18/2015 - Forget Something, Kevin Harvick?

10/18/2015 - NASCAR's Joey Logano Spins Out Matt Kenseth To Win At Kansas

10/18/2015 - Watch This Embraer Regional Airliner Pilot Wrestle The Jet To The Ground

10/18/2015 - Bus Fire Sends Smoke Wafting Over NASCAR Race At Kansas Speedway

10/18/2015 - Your Ridiculously Awesome Corvette Stingray Wallpaper Is Here

10/18/2015 - How A Formula Drift Underdog From Europe Took Down The American Competition

10/18/2015 - The F-4 Phantom's Manufacturer Wanted To Give It Swing-Wings

10/18/2015 - The Best Bike Race I've Ever Seen Includes A Seagull Strike

10/18/2015 - Driver Who Swerved And Hit A Motorcycle: 'I Don't Care'

10/18/2015 - I Could Watch Ott Tänak Jump Through This Crowd All Day Long

10/17/2015 - This Might Just Be The Cheapest Acura NSX You'll Ever Find

10/17/2015 - Here's How Subaru Just Dominated An Entire Rally America Season

10/17/2015 - New Video Emerges Of Russian Attack Helicopters Opening Fire Over Urban Syria  

10/17/2015 - Watch A Giant Airbus A380 Slip Below This Helicopter With Little Room To Spare

10/17/2015 - Iran Shows Off Its Ballistic Missile Caves In Rare State TV Footage

10/17/2015 - Just Listen To The Angry Bellow Of The McLaren F1 GTR

10/17/2015 - The Man Who Designed The Chemex Coffeemaker Also Designed This Bonkers Car

10/17/2015 - Behold, One Of The Most Gripping Ends To A Championship Ever

10/17/2015 - Foust Finishes Off Global Rallycross Win With Allegedly Impossible Beetle Donuts

10/17/2015 - What Does The Nürburgring Look Like In Reverse?

10/17/2015 - McLaren F1 Test Driver Learns He's Out Of A Job Via Email On His Birthday

10/17/2015 - Weekend Motorsports Roundup, Oct. 17-18, 2015

10/16/2015 - Chris Harris Lapped Silverstone In The Awesome Renault RS 01 Trophy Racecar

10/16/2015 - Volkswagen Bragged About The Effects Of Diesel Cheating For Years

10/16/2015 - Powersliding McLaren, Ferrari, Porsche Hypercars Help I Need Help

10/16/2015 - This Cheap Toyota MR2 Turbo Is The Appreciating Classic You've Been Waiting For

10/16/2015 - Iowa Class Battleships Had Vault-Like Conning Towers Buried Inside Their Main Bridges

10/16/2015 - Comment Of The Day: Big Fan Edition

10/16/2015 - Billionaire Head Of Formula 1 Stands Up For Sepp Blatter And Also Corruption

10/16/2015 - Just Groovy Music And Lunatic Australians Raising Hell On Motorcycles

10/16/2015 - The Head Of Formula 1 Admits He Hates America

10/16/2015 - Did Some Unknown Rando Invent Stop-Start Technology In 1969?

10/16/2015 - Toyota Is Making A New Back To The Future Style Pickup Truck And The Present Is Awesome

10/16/2015 - Be A Modern-Day Wizard By Mastering The Art Of Welding

10/16/2015 - Why The Corvette Z06 Flunked Motor Trend's Big Performance Car Test

10/16/2015 - What Ever Happened to Conversion Vans?

10/16/2015 - eBay Challenge: Fastest Japanese Cars For Less Than $10,000

10/16/2015 - Watch This FLIR Imagery Of AH-64 Apaches Buzzing The Hollywood Sign

10/16/2015 - Check Out The 2015 Line Of Jalopnik Super-Sexy Halloween Carstumes!

10/16/2015 - Why We All Owe Stance Culture A Huge Apology

10/16/2015 - Well Shit

10/16/2015 - I've Never Wanted Anything More Than This Husqvarna 701 Supermoto

10/16/2015 - Why No Manufacturer Wants To Sell You The First Fully Autonomous Car

10/16/2015 - What's The Worst Car For Sitting In Traffic?

10/16/2015 - The Ten Best Cars For Going Off The Grid

10/16/2015 - Gear Review: The Kriega Urban Messenger Drypack Is So Close To Perfect

10/16/2015 - How Volkswagen Plans To Bounce Back

10/16/2015 - Weren't You Looking For A Fun Way To Break Your Legs?

10/16/2015 - That Mysterious Mazda Sports Car Concept Might Just Have A Rotary Engine

10/16/2015 - This Is Why The Space Shuttle's External Fuel Tank Stopped Being Painted White

10/16/2015 - The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Features Our Tesla Autopilot Video And Now I'm Famous

10/16/2015 - Television -- 'Marquee Moon'

10/16/2015 - For $2,495, This 1990 VW GTI Asks What Price Sanity?

10/16/2015 - Turkey Has Shot Down An Unidentified Aircraft After Crossing Its Border

10/16/2015 - Here Are This Week's Best Moto Instagram Accounts

10/15/2015 - Road-Raging Truck Spins Car, Flies Off Road Into Dealership Of More Cars

10/15/2015 - Your Dreams Of An Entire Amphibious Vehicle Lineup Might Be Coming True

10/15/2015 - From Russia With Love: The Bond Film Alfred Hitchcock Never Made

10/15/2015 - Decision To Send U.S. Navy Ship Near Chinese Man-Made Islands Imminent

10/15/2015 - The Absurd Community Fight That Could Cripple One Of America's Best Race Tracks

10/15/2015 - What Are We Going To Do With The Infiniti QX80?

10/15/2015 - Comment Of The Day: Your Shitty Golf Made Better Through Racing Tech Edition

10/15/2015 - Think You're Brave Enough To Be A Motorcycle Paramedic?

10/15/2015 - A Tractor Company Made The Subaru Wagon Of The Future In 1965

10/15/2015 - The Future Of Warfare Is On Display At The U.S. Army's Big Convention

10/15/2015 - This Bosozoku Lamborghini Is A Pink Floyd Laser Show On Wheels

10/15/2015 - Everything Is Better Behind The Wheel Of A Hand-Made Rocketcar

10/15/2015 - This Is How Formula One Brakes Are Tested

10/15/2015 - Here’s Why Acura Is Actually Going In The Right Direction

10/15/2015 - Honda's New CBR Is A Sportbike For Sane People

10/15/2015 - Does Honda Have Another Africa Twin Coming?

10/15/2015 - This Artist Turns Boring Rides Into Supercars At Night Using Cardboard

10/15/2015 - F1 Diva Lewis Hamilton Is Getting His Own Special Edition Motorcycle

10/15/2015 - Ducati's Teaser For 'Low Speed Excitement' Makes No Sense But I'm Super Pumped For It Anyway

10/15/2015 - Jon Olsson’s Crazy Audi RS6 DTM Was Stolen And Burned To The Ground After An Armed Robbery

10/15/2015 - The Autonomous Winter Is Coming

10/15/2015 - Yamaha Just Released This Amazing Dirt Tracker Concept Bike 

10/15/2015 - What's The Best Car For Going Off The Grid?

10/15/2015 - The Ten Weirdest Energy Sources Used To Power Cars

10/15/2015 - This Is What It Looks Like When More Than Two Million Pounds Rumbles Down The Road

10/15/2015 - Germany Orders Volkswagen To Recall And Fix 2.4 Million Cheating Diesel Cars

10/15/2015 - Volvo's New S60 Touring Car Racer Is A Sinister Swedish Speed-Meatball

10/15/2015 - Peaches -- F*ck The Pain Away

10/15/2015 - How About This 1978 Cadillac Seville For $6,500?

10/15/2015 - How To Help Your Buddies Get Into Motorcycling Without Quitting Like I Almost Did

10/14/2015 - This Nissan Fairlady 240Z Is The Perfect Hipster JDM Car

10/14/2015 - Ford Focus RS Pre-Orders Are Selling Like Hot Cakes

10/14/2015 - This Cockpit Video Of A F/A-18F Blasting Through The "Jedi Transition" Rocks

10/14/2015 - New VW North American Chief Quit Because His Wife Didn't Want To Move

10/14/2015 - Ludacris Is Getting His Favorite Car Restored: A 1993 Acura Legend

10/14/2015 - Tesla Is Already Tracking Its Cars To Teach Them To Drive Themselves

10/14/2015 - Tesla's Autopilot System Is Awesome And Creepy And A Sign Of A Beautiful Future

10/14/2015 - Comment Of The Day: If It Has A V8 We Can Track Day It Edition

10/14/2015 - Tesla's New Autopilot Will Steer, Park And Map The Road You're Driving On

10/14/2015 - NASCAR In 2016 Is Going To Be A Lot Of Fun

10/14/2015 - This Phone-Sized Camera Was Made For Motorcyclists And Adventurers

10/14/2015 - The One And Only 'Connolly Leather' Ferrari F40 Stays Up For Grabs

10/14/2015 - This Concept Off-Roader Combines Two Opposite Kinds Of Awesome

10/14/2015 - I Took My Nissan Skyline GT-R To CarMax For An Appraisal

10/14/2015 - Has Nail Polish Finally Caught Up To The Hard Abuse Of Working On A Race Car?

10/14/2015 - Mustang Driver Shoots Corvette Driver For Driving Too Slowly

10/14/2015 - The Dodge Viper Could Be Doomed After 2017

10/14/2015 - Bus In Washington State Bursts Into Huge Flames On Highway

10/14/2015 - Volkswagen Says It May Have Tried To Cheat Some More With 2016 Models: Report

10/14/2015 - Don't Let The Car Company Falsely Accuse You Of Abuse To Get Out Of Warranty Work

10/14/2015 - What's The Weirdest Energy Source For Powering A Car?

10/14/2015 - The Ten Smallest Human-Operated Aircraft Ever To Fly

10/14/2015 - All The Things The Democratic Candidates Got Wrong On Defense At Last Night's Debate 

10/14/2015 - The 2016 Lexus GS F Is One 467 HP Step Closer To A Legit BMW Slayer

10/14/2015 - Toyota Wants To All But Eliminate Gasoline Engines By 2050

10/14/2015 - This Van Is For Pooping And Burnouts

10/14/2015 - Volkswagen's New North America Boss Steps Down After Two Whole Weeks

10/14/2015 - Statler Brothers -- Flowers On The Wall

10/14/2015 - For $5,950, This 1976 Honda CB400F Could Be Four Into Wonderful

10/14/2015 - I'm Going To Spend All Fall Trying To Get You To Love Supercross

10/14/2015 - Formula One Double-Booked Le Mans Weekend With New Race In Garbage Dictatorship

10/13/2015 - The Most Exciting Way To Watch A Rally Race Is By Helicopter

10/13/2015 - Famous YouTuber And Author Crashes Racecar, Catches Fire, Keeps Racing

10/13/2015 - Cops In Virginia Are Ticketing Cars For Expired Inspections While They Wait For Inspections

10/13/2015 - Dream Chaser Space Plane Could Take On Air Force Missions Like The X-37B

10/13/2015 - The Future Of Off-Road: Crossovers With More Headlights, Apparently

10/13/2015 - The 2016 BMW M2 Is A 365 Horsepower Love Letter To Speed Freaks Everywhere

10/13/2015 - Comment Of The Day: The Prayer Of St. Bimmer Edition

10/13/2015 - Woman Does Donuts In Intersection, Rams Cops, Rolls Car, Has Full Day

10/13/2015 - Watch The Harrowing Video Report On The Missile That Shot Down MH17

10/13/2015 - America's Greatest Driving Road Is A Giant Secret

10/13/2015 - 2016 Toyota Tacomas Already Recalled: 'May Have Used The Wrong Bolts'

10/13/2015 - The Bugatti Chiron Goes As Planned Despite Volkswagen's Massive Cutbacks

10/13/2015 - This Is The Apology Letter VW Sent To Diesel Owners, And Here's What It Should Have Been

10/13/2015 - Journalists Spying On Tesla's Gigafactory Rammed Security With A Jeep: Police

10/13/2015 - The BMW Z1 Is A Beautiful Work Of Art That's Underwhelming To Drive

10/13/2015 - It Takes Three Extreme Machines To Flatbed An MRAP With A Blown Tire

10/13/2015 - Plane Thinks It Is A Car, Lands On Busy Idaho Freeway During Rush Hour

10/13/2015 - Ten Of The Fastest German Cars On eBay For Less Than $15,000

10/13/2015 - Celebrate Jalopnik's 11th Birthday With A Discount On Our Book!

10/13/2015 - What's The Smallest Crewed Aircraft?

10/13/2015 - Are We Going To See More Supercharged Kawasakis This Year?

10/13/2015 - We're Losing One Of America's Best Dirt Tracks And It's Heartbreaking

10/13/2015 - An Electric Phaeton Will Lead Volkswagen Into The Future

10/13/2015 - Listen To What Happened When This FDNY Dispatcher Retired And Try Not To Cry

10/13/2015 - 2016 BMW M2: This Is It 

10/13/2015 - The Ferrari F12tdf Is A 770 HP Four-Wheel-Steering V12 Dream-Monster

10/13/2015 - Curtis Harding -- 'Keep On Shining'

10/13/2015 - For $8,500, This 1990 Toyota Sera Might Let you Spread Your Wings and Fly

10/13/2015 - Someone Needs To Buy This GOLDwing Today. Seriously.

10/12/2015 - I Hit A Deer With My Car And Now I Want To Make It Look Like A Ford Flex

10/12/2015 - What Do You Think The Color Of Your Car Says About You?

10/12/2015 - Dieselgate Is Already Getting Its Own Movie

10/12/2015 - Great Things Happen When You Let Land Rovers Be Race Cars

10/12/2015 - Forza 6 Is Apparently The World's Most Accurate Formula One Game

10/12/2015 - Go Inside The Sochi F1 Paddock As Daniel Ricciardo Messes With Everyone

10/12/2015 - This Homemade Electric Supercar Is Impressive Even If It Only Goes 20 MPH

10/12/2015 - Why Green Is The New Tan At The Army Association's Big Conference And Arms Expo

10/12/2015 - Comment Of The Day: Forbidden Love Edition

10/12/2015 - Here's How The 2016 Ford Focus RS's Stall Recovery Feature Works

10/12/2015 - Would You Buy A Lamborghini With More Miles Than Your Commuter Toyota Camry?

10/12/2015 - Ferrari's Ticker Symbol On The New York Stock Exchange Is RACE

10/12/2015 - The Families Of These High Young Men Want You To Watch Them Die In Crash

10/12/2015 - This Is The First Painting From A Driver's POV Ever

10/12/2015 - C-17s With Fighter Escort Drop 50 Tons Of Arms To Fighters In Northern Syria

10/12/2015 - This Is The Most Least Amazing Drift Of All Time

10/12/2015 - Driving The $100,000 Mobile Home Your Fabulous Wife And Redneck Cousin Can Agree On

10/12/2015 - Triumph Confirms The New 2016 Bonneville Is Coming October 28th

10/12/2015 - How The Chevy Colorado Diesel Was Americanized: It's More Than Emissions

10/12/2015 - The Shoei X-14 Is Coming To The U.S. And Here's Why Everyone Should Care

10/12/2015 - Which Fictional Character Would Be Your Best Road Trip Buddy?

10/12/2015 - The Ten Coolest Throwback Design Details 

10/12/2015 - What Do You Want To Know About The 2015 Volvo XC90?

10/12/2015 - LOL: China Is 'Highly Concerned' About Volkswagen's Diesel Emissions 

10/12/2015 - The Toyota S-FR Will Be Light, Fun And Cheaper Than A Mazda Miata 

10/12/2015 - The Ford Focus RS Will Have 350 Horsepower, 350 Pound-Feet Of Torque

10/12/2015 - Arcade Fire -- 'Get Right'

10/12/2015 - For $25,000, This 1981 DeLorean Could Be Your Coke Classic

10/11/2015 - Nissan's High-Performance Halo Car For Dubai Is A Three-Row SUV

10/11/2015 - EBay User Claims To Be Selling Part Of The Only Stealth F-117 Ever Shot Down

10/11/2015 - How Much Would You Pay For A Porsche 911 That Desperately Wants To Kill You? 

10/11/2015 - Kyle Hits Kyle When Neither Kyle Can Decide If They Really Want To Enter Pit Lane

10/11/2015 - California Drivers Are Fighting Over EV Charging Stations In Most California Problem Ever

10/11/2015 - Annihilated Barrier Repaired With Duct Tape During Russian Grand Prix

10/11/2015 - Watch An Insane Marshal Almost Get Run Over By A Formula One Car

10/11/2015 - Mercedes Clinches F1 Constructors' Title After Kimi Raikkonen Receives Penalty

10/11/2015 - This Hybrid Sports Car Comes With Its Own Autopilot Drone

10/11/2015 - Stanford Professor Advises Autonomous Cars (And Their Designers) To Think More

10/11/2015 - Team Punts Competitor Out Of The Way To Take World Endurance Championship Lead

10/11/2015 - How Is The Six-Time Winner Of Australia's Greatest Race So Fast?

10/11/2015 - Watch A V8 Supercar Almost Eat The Wall At Bathurst

10/11/2015 - Synchronized Spinning Is My New Favorite Wet Weather Motorsport

10/10/2015 - What Does It Look Like To Go To Plaid Around Fuji Speedway?

10/10/2015 - Security At The Bathurst 1000 Is Quite Impressive

10/10/2015 - What Do You Want To Know About The BMW i3?

10/10/2015 - Your Ridiculously Awesome (New) Ford Mustang Wallpaper Is Here 

10/10/2015 - Cancel Your Day Plans Because The Full Goodwood Revival Races Are Now On YouTube 

10/10/2015 - Unconfirmed Reports: Russian Aircraft Shot Down After It Violated Turkish Airspace

10/10/2015 - Is The Porsche Cayman GT4 Really Better Than A 911?

10/10/2015 - Show Us Your (Rainy) Weekend Car Event Pictures

10/10/2015 - Carlos Sainz Jr. Miraculously OK To Race After Horrifying F1 Crash Under Barrier

10/10/2015 - Martian Lawsuits And Super Soakers: The Weirdest Moments In NASA History

10/10/2015 - NASCAR Driver Gets Hit In The Butt With Fireworks

10/10/2015 - The Top Gear Guys' New Amazon Show Will Not Be Called 'Gear Knobs,' Thankfully

10/10/2015 - Weekend Motorsports Roundup, Oct. 10-11, 2015

10/10/2015 - Watch This Pair Of C-17s Buzz An Australian Beach Town In Spectacular Fashion

10/9/2015 - Watch This Guy Rallycross A 1969 Mercury Cougar

10/9/2015 - Drunk Australian Car-Torching Prank Goes Awry, Still Deemed 'Hilarious'

10/9/2015 - Brother Nudges Brother, Causing Huge Flip At Bathurst

10/9/2015 - Video Shows Russian Mi-24 Hind Attack Helicopters In Intense Action Over Syria

10/9/2015 - The McLaren P1 Beat The Porsche 918 And LaFerrari In This Video Track Test

10/9/2015 - The EPA May Have Found A Second Secret Defeat Device In Diesel VWs

10/9/2015 - eBay Challenge: Fastest German Cars For Less Than $15,000

10/9/2015 - The New Lincoln Continental Is Eughhhhhh

10/9/2015 - Comment Of The Day: Is There A Better Horrible Car Than The Cadillac Allanté?

10/9/2015 - Airbus Just Went All The Human Centipede With These Crazy New Patents

10/9/2015 - Forward Deployed A-10 Warthogs Bathe Under The Aurora Borealis In Estonia

10/9/2015 - Garbage Car Being Given Away By Garbage Company As Garbage Halloween Prize

10/9/2015 - Can You Use Your Farts To Propel Yourself In Zero Gravity?

10/9/2015 - Race Car Catching Fire Barely Slows This Pit Crew Down

10/9/2015 - Consumer Reports Finds How Fuel Economy And Performance Drops When VW Diesels Stop Cheating

10/9/2015 - When Is It A Better Idea To Finance A Car Than Pay With Cash?   

10/9/2015 - Diesel Emissions Tests Aren't Doing Shit To Help The Environment: Report

10/9/2015 - Jim Glickenhaus' 2017 Le Mans Car Already Has An Engine And A Hybrid System

10/9/2015 - Now You Can Drive The Scuderia Glickenhaus Car With The Jalopnik Bump In This PC Racing Sim

10/9/2015 - Four Of Floyd Mayweather's Expensive Boring Cars Burned Up In A Trailer Fire

10/9/2015 - Legendary Off-Road Racing Movie Dust To Glory Is Getting A Sequel

10/9/2015 - Chris Harris, McLaren P1, Porsche 918, LaFerrari, Mind Blown

10/9/2015 - Cop In Trouble For Issuing Speeding Tickets By Mail Like A Human Speed Camera

10/9/2015 - Diesel Spill Shortens Formula One Practice In Russia

10/9/2015 - What's The Coolest Design Detail That Gives A Throwback To A Past Car?

10/9/2015 - The Ten Strangest Space Weapons Ever Developed

10/9/2015 - The McLaren 650S Can-Am Is A Throwback To One Of Racing's Most Badass Eras

10/9/2015 - Toyota's Kikai Concept Is An Amazing Mid/Rear-Engine Hot Rod Robot Car

10/9/2015 - Most Of The Cheating Volkswagen Diesels Will Require A Hardware Fix Too

10/9/2015 - Dub Pistols -- Speed Of Light (feat. Blade)

10/9/2015 - This 1986 Ford Escort EXP Is $1,800, And Could Be The Last Decent One Out There

10/9/2015 - Motorcyclist Lives Out Every Little Boys Fantasy In Gromkhana II: Fast Times At Gromkhana High

10/9/2015 - Here Are This Week's Best Moto Instagram Accounts

10/9/2015 - Nicky Hayden Is Moving To World Superbike For 2016 And Here's Why You Should Care

10/9/2015 - Violent V8 Supercar Crash Rips Side Of Car Open, Shuts Down Bathurst Qualifying

10/8/2015 - V8 Supercar Driver Fined $25,000 For Calling Female Duo's Car A "Pussy Wagon"

10/8/2015 - Watch This Giant MH-53E Sea Dragon Execute A Quick Stop

10/8/2015 - The Retro Racing Porsche 911 You Didn't Know About Is Already Sold Out

10/8/2015 - You've Never Seen Minivans 'Til You've Been To Hong Kong

10/8/2015 - Goldfinger: The Essential Bond Movie 

10/8/2015 - Comment Of The Day: Mood Room Edition

10/8/2015 - There's Nothing Cooler Than Flat-Fender Jeeps Offroading

10/8/2015 - These Riveting Photos Show How Russia's Su-34 Fullback Fighter-Bombers Get Built

10/8/2015 - Watch A Legend Complain That Other People Are 'Bloody Hopeless' In The Middle Of A Race

10/8/2015 - The Subaru WRX S4 SporVita Is The Luxury WRX The World Needs

10/8/2015 - Ten Of The Most Surprising Cars To Take On A First Date For Less Than $15,000

10/8/2015 - Watch The All-New 2016 Kawasaki ZX-10R In Action

10/8/2015 - The All-New 2016 Kawasaki ZX-10R Might Be The Fastest Street-Legal Japanese Bike Ever

10/8/2015 - What It's Like To Drive The Worst Car Ever Built

10/8/2015 - Report: Russian Cruise Missiles Destined For Syria Crash In Iran

10/8/2015 - Hero Airman Who Took Down Terrorist On French Train Stabbed In Sacramento

10/8/2015 - What's The Strangest Space Weapon Ever Developed?

10/8/2015 - Volkswagen Brass Didn't Know About Defeat Devices Until Last Month, Exec Says

10/8/2015 - Ten Ways To Make Racing Work In Space

10/8/2015 - This Jeep XJ Went Off-Roading Right Into An Apartment Complex

10/8/2015 - Race Car Driver Flips Off Another Driver In The Middle Of A Corner

10/8/2015 - Watch The First Round Of Volkswagen Dieselgate Hearings With Us Right Here

10/8/2015 - The Plucky Little Toyota S-FR Concept Miata-Fighter Looks Amazing

10/8/2015 - Fiat Chrysler Averts UAW Strike At The Eleventh Hour And VW Heads To D.C. For A Whipping

10/8/2015 - Quad City DJs -- 'Space Jam'

10/8/2015 - Would You Go $2,300 For This 1985 Ford LTD LX 5.0?

10/8/2015 - Rossi's Ranch Is As Close To Heaven As It Gets

10/7/2015 - Truck Explodes After Swerving To Avoid Mattresses On The New Jersey Turnpike

10/7/2015 - Brilliant Australian Suspect Tries To Evade Police By Driving Into Ocean

10/7/2015 - Ominous Floating Letters Hover Over Ford GT40 MkII

10/7/2015 - Subaru Stays Subaru With Two New Concepts To Debut

10/7/2015 - Countdown To Zero Day Reveals The Terrifying World Of Cyber Warfare, Past, Present And Future

10/7/2015 - These Are The Earth Cars Of A Space Agency

10/7/2015 - Volkswagen Withdrew All Of Its 2016 Diesel EPA Certification Requests

10/7/2015 - The 493 HP BMW M4 GTS Is Going Into Production, And It's Coming Here

10/7/2015 - Comment Of The Day: Taking Care Of The Basics Edition

10/7/2015 - So You Don't Own A Garage, Where Are You Supposed To Work On Your Car?

10/7/2015 - Jalopnik Is Playing Forza Today, And We Want You To Join Us

10/7/2015 - This Engine Has A Cannon In It

10/7/2015 - Here's A Chart Of Every Crewed Orbital (And Beyond) Spacecraft

10/7/2015 - Volkswagen USA CEO To Congress: I Was Told We Got Caught In 2014

10/7/2015 - Russia Intercepts U.S. Drones Over Syria, Launches Cruise Missiles From Caspian

10/7/2015 - I Spent The Day With Two Subaru BRATs

10/7/2015 - Callaway's Corvette C7 GT3-R Spec Racer Looks Downright Terrifying

10/7/2015 - Rolling My Dream Car Is My Worst Car Story

10/7/2015 - BMW, Yamaha And Honda Are Teaming Up On Connected Motorcycles

10/7/2015 - Holy Freaking Crap: The Top Gear Guys' New Amazon Show Is Doing The LaFerrari, Porsche 918 And McLaren P1 Test

10/7/2015 - 2016 Chevy Colorado Diesel: All The Right Sounds And Damn Good Numbers

10/7/2015 - How The Nissan 240SX Has Changed In 26 Years

10/7/2015 - Clueless Lamborghini Driver In Dubai Revs Car While It Burns (Updated)

10/7/2015 - How Would Racing Work In Space?

10/7/2015 - The Ten Most Insane Space Programs That Never Happened

10/7/2015 - Mercedes, Google, Volvo To Accept Liability When Their Autonomous Cars Screw Up

10/7/2015 - This Is How Motorcycle Reviews Are Supposed To Be Done

10/7/2015 - Ride Review: The 2016 Ducati Monster 1200 R Is Powerful, But Is It Enough?

10/7/2015 - Why The LS Is So Good

10/7/2015 - Don't Get Screwed By Chrysler For $200

10/7/2015 - Cooking Breakfast With A Hybrid Toyota Le Mans Car

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