Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

Yes, most of the pictures of today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe NSX appear to have been taken in Texas, but to buy this hot Honda you’ll actually have to catch a plane to Honolulu. Even if if the car proves unworthy of its price, that’s not a half bad deal, right?

I don’t honestly know for sure where the pictures for yesterday’s custom 2T-G-equipped 1974 Toyota Corolla SR5 were taken, but that doesn’t really matter now because a substantial 70% of you couldn’t at all picture paying ten-grand for the car.

Today’s car is far more expensive than yesterday’s Corolla. It is however, just as red, and just as Japanese, so there’s some connection. It’s just that when you generally consider Asian cars on the spectrum of boring to pants-tighteningly interesting the Corolla and Acura NSX tend to fall on opposite ends of the scale.

Oh sure, there are some party-people Corollas, and an automatic-equipped NSX might judged to be missing something in the fun department, but in general, which one would you rather go home with at closing time?

This 1993 Acura NSX is a five-speed car, and is said to have been bought by its present owner (its second) in Portland Oregon. The pics of the car indicate that it has spent some time in Texas too, notably at the Marfa art installation. Now it apparently hulas in Hawaii, and to test drive it you’ll have to go to America’s 50th State. I know, boo freakin’ hoo.


The car is in Kaaawa, which is a suburb of Honolulu on O’ahu. I’ve been to Honolulu and can report that it’s pretty damn nice there, the currently reported homeless crisis not withstanding. The only thing that might make cruising around the island even better would be doing so in one of Acura’s legendary mid-engine sports cars, and this one seems to be an acceptable option.

I say acceptable because the car is not pristine, it rocks 169,000 miles - not including those sitting on a ship crossing the Pacific - and apparently shows the battle scars those miles caused.


The seller goes into good detail on all the boogers and minor failings the car exhibits owing to its age and apparent fully lived life. Those include a ding in the side caused by a broken garage door spring (!) pinging off it, a wheel that needed straightening after a run-in, and a lot of niggling wear and tear that will make the car both unique and frustrating in day to day use. Of course living on an island as small as O’ahu, a broken trip odometer isn’t all that big a deal, right?

The ad also has a discrepancy in the engine displacement, correctly calling it 3.0 in the head, but then incorrectly 3.2 in the second paragraph. The displacement bump didn’t come until ’97 and this being a ’93 and described as stock, that means it’s powered by the 270-bhp 2,977-cc C30A.


Hopefully the seller isn’t mistaken about the transmission as he describes it as a five-speed which is what you’d most want in your NSX, the slush box-equipped cars being down by 20-horsepower and, well, having only two pedals.

The car had a significant service - timing belt, water pump, plugs and the like - done in 2014 by a shop in Arizona (damn this car gets around) so it’s not very likely a ticking time bomb. It also is noted in the ad that the wheels have Honda emblems and not Acura’s. Is that a thing?


Here’s a thing, the seller is asking an oddly specific $25,667 for the car. What do you think, does that seem to be worth catching the next Hawaiian Airlines 767 and head to Honolulu? Or, is this one NSX with 99 problems and one of them isn’t you?

You decide!


Honolulu Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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