How In Tarnation Did This Mustang End Up On A Roof?

You know what they say: sometimes, you’ve just got to drive your car onto a roof. And by “they,” I mean “literally zero people.”

Okay, so right away I know what you’re thinking: “Pssssh, V6 Mustang owner? There must have been hoonage involved.”


It turns out, hoonage was not the cause of this crash on I-69 near Lansing, Michigan. It was low blood sugar, according to Mlive.

Yes, low blood sugar can really jack up your motoring skills. In this case, the person in the Best Car Ever In The Whole World V6 Mustang was driving down I-69 headed east, and that lack of sweet, sweet nectar in the blood sent the driver through a bunch of shrubbery, a fence and a backyard.

Oh, and also up a roof. And while that topshot might make it seem like the Mustang might have gotten some Travis Pastrana-type air on its way to the roof, you might be disappointed to see the next photo:


Yup, just a ramp. The ‘stang didn’t get shot through the air like a NOx out of a Volkswagen, it just Jeep’d its way up this incline.

But hey, that’s probably for the better, as the driver—despite being taken to the hospital and treated for low blood sugar—seems to have gotten away unscathed.


Photo Credit: Michigan State Police via MLive

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