Driver Who Swerved And Hit A Motorcycle Charged With Aggravated Assault

William Crum, the Texas driver who hit two motorcyclists as they tried to pass him in a no-pass zone and whose “I don’t care” statement afterward went viral over the weekend, has been arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.


The two riding the motorcycle that was struck by Crum, Eric Sanders and his girlfriend, were both hospitalized after the accident. Sanders’ girlfriend had to undergo surgery for injuries she sustained in the collision.


Dallas’ WFAA News 8 asked Crum if he would like an opportunity to apologize to the couple:

“To her,” he said, referring to Sanders’ girlfriend. “But to him, no. Because he was doing something illegal.”

Crum claims he did not intend to hit the motorcycle, saying:

“Man, I wish I could go back in time, but you can’t,” said Crum, who identified himself Monday as the driver in the video.

He told News 8 some sort of insect bit him near his groin as he was driving Saturday, which caused him to jerk the wheel and swerve into the left lane. He said he had absolutely no idea a motorcycle was on his side.

“I can’t do nothing about what happened. It wasn’t automatic,” Crum said. “I didn’t try to hurt anybody. It was a reflex from the pain.”


The Hood County District Attorney’s Office still charged Crum for the two counts of aggravated assault. They also cited Sanders for passing in a no-pass zone and driving with an invalid license.

WFAA News 8 also spoke to Sanders, who couldn’t believe Crum’s demeanor after running him and his girlfriend off the road:

“What was he thinking?” Sanders said.

“That’s the worst thing,” Sanders said, “when I saw that dude saying, ‘I don’t care, I don’t care.’ He says it four to five times. I’ve never seen this guy in my life. And he ran me over.”


We’ll see if a jury sides with Crum and his insect story, or Sanders and his injured girlfriend.

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Well, enter “an insect bit my groin”, into the hall of fame for bullshit excuses after knowing you are screwed. We can put his trophy right next to Tiger’s “I am a sex addict.”