Chris Harris does what he does in Renault’s RS 01 racecar - that definitely isn’t an Audi R8, definitely - and sells me on a car I would never dream of being able to afford or use.

I know what you’re thinking: “Two Chris Harris posts in one night?!” Well, the first one was only a teaser for something huge. We had to fill the gap somehow.

This is *just* a track-only, beautiful Renault R1 racecar, which Mr. Harris leans, knocks, and hangs through the bends of Silverstone via Renault Sport’s YouTube page.

“It’s a lovely balance for gentleman drivers to enjoy.” Mmm. Quite.

I even enjoy watching one drive it. Oh, and they let Chris be Chris and do celebratory donuts in it. I say “let” but it probably wasn’t planned.