Check Out These Airbags Blowing Up Microwaves Just For Fun

NHTSA just released lab-test footage of a violent Takata airbag deployment. That reminded us of one of rural-America’s most cherished pastimes: blowing up microwaves with airbags.

Takata’s airbag recall is a big fucking deal. Their explosive charges burned too violently and caused shards of metal to fly through the airbag fabric and into passengers’ faces. It’s very dangerous and led to a 34 million-car recall. New footage below from NHTSA’s hearing posted by Vine-er Nathan Bomey shows just how violent Takata’s airbags really are.

It’s not pretty.


But all airbags are violent. So violent, in fact, that rednecks around America use them to blow up household appliances and shoot wheels into the sky. The most common victim, though, is the microwave.

As a Kansan myself, I can tell you that in places like rural Kansas, there are really only a few things to do with your life: tip cows, cook meth, go mudding, put heavy stuff in a dryer or blow up airbags in microwaves. It’s a wonderful place to grow up.

Let’s look at some videos of that last staple of America hillbilly life.

And just for fun, have a look at this airbag sending this drying machine out of this atmosphere.

While this stuff may look like fun, you shouldn’t mess around with airbags. They’re serious business and can cause serious injury or even death. And how are you going to drive your diesel manual rear-wheel drive wagon if you’re dead?


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David, I didn’t know you were from Kansas. So am I. It’s really not as bad here as everyone thinks it is.