Woman Does Donuts In Intersection, Rams Cops, Rolls Car, Has Full Day

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When I moved to North Carolina about a year ago, I never once dared to dream that it could possibly challenge Florida for batshittery. Looks like I may have been wrong, thanks to the efforts of this clearly disturbed circular-driving and cop-car-ramming enthusiast.

I should also probably mention here that this may be one of the worst-shot cellphone videos I’ve ever seen, and that’s a remarkably low bar. The guy seems to be more of a videographer of patches of grass than any actual events, but, mostly by chance, he does manage to capture some of the exciting donuts-into-police car action, and the subsequent rolling of the car.

Also, the videographer’s repeated, shouted demands of the police to “SHOOT HER” are sort of the ideal complement to this terribly shot video of terrible human behavior.

The incident happened on October 8 in Gastonia, NC, and fortunately ended with no one seriously injured. The woman drove her Ford Fusion in circles at an intersection, colliding with cars, including a police car, which she rammed twice.


When asked her name, the woman responded “Faith, hope, and love,” and after she rolled her car down an embankment, she exited the car through a window (I really wanted to say ‘defenestrated’ there, but it just didn’t really work) and was singing the phrase “Jesus loves the little children of the world.”

Yikes. Another video of the incident was captured by a person on a nearby bus:

I suppose the lesson here is that if you want to draw people in to your religious message of peace and love, maybe cool it on the wild, in-traffic donuts and cop-ramming.


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