Your Next Epic Off-Road Video: Turbocharged ATV Vs. Industrial Wasteland

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Two years ago XP1K opened our eyes to how insane a modified Polaris RZR could be. Then the same crew got one to jump further, go faster, and slide harder in XP1K2. On October 31st XP1K3 is going to, well, why don’t you just watch the trailer.

Side-By-Side ATVs have come along way since my grampa put a cargo box on his tractor to drag pumpkins to the farmer’s market. With a compact footprint, long-travel suspension, and pretty substantial headroom to make more power I’m starting to think these are the future of off-road.


They ain’t cheap, but put one dollar-for-dollar against a Jeep Wrangler and I think you’d have a hell of a lot more fun in the little guy. Of course, you’d also need a truck to tow your side-by-side (SxS), but for a hardcore off-road build you can’t have a much better base.

The star of XP1K3 is a 2016 Polaris RZR XP Turbo, bored up to 1132ccs, dialed-in by Redline Racing and K&T Performance to 200 horsepower. The snail is a Garrett GTX.


Behind the wheel is RJ Anderson, who’s considered one of the best SxS racers on Earth right now and piloted the vehicle in XP1K2.

XP1K3 was shot around Youngstown, Ohio to get the backdrop Mad Media wanted: a “post apocalyptic dystopian decay of abandoned steel mills, old factories, and train yards as the backdrop to showcase RJ Anderson’s skillful car control and death defying stunts.”


Perfect. The video’s being showcased in front of live audience at the Glamis off-road area on Halloween, and everywhere on YouTube on November 3rd.


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