The Mitsubishi Evo IX Will Always Out-Crazy Your Subaru STI

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Mitsubishi Evo’s are real monsters, but only as long as you treat them well, as Regular Car Reviews found out somewhere above 4,000 rpm.

Mitsubishi never had the money to upgrade the Lancer’s crappy interior, so when it came to the Evos, they spent all their budget on the drivetrain and the chassis instead. The ninth-generation wasn’t just more aggressive on the outside than its rivaling Impreza STI, but also went around corners significantly faster.

But since the engine was performing at a high boost from the factory, plus the car came with the most complicated all-wheel drive system the Japanese could think of, if you drive an Evo like an ass, it won’t be as forgiving as a Type R Honda. Or a Subaru, for that matter.


Still, I always preferred these, and that hasn’t changed one bit.

Family car!

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too many burners

Too bad it’s impossible to find an example that wasn’t beaten to the brink of death by it’s previous owner who will swear it was never racing/launched.