My automotive existence is a constant state of wrestling with an often-broken car with not very much space. This might be why I start drooling when I see Suzuki’s new van concept.

Suzuki will be showing this thing at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show, and they’re calling it the Air Triser.

Three rows of seats, retro styling, and unknown dimensions or engines. But who needs details when you have a wood floor?


If you’re wondering what makes this Suzuki concept different from ever other van concept you’ve ever seen, the answer is: absolutely nothing!

There’s the same pointlessly weird styling features (in this case some semi-symmetry in the two-tone bodywork). There’s the same pointlessly reconfigurable interior (nobody is turning their seats around into a little lounge. If we want a lounge, we will drive to one in our regular seats).


There’s also the same super neat wood floor and the distinct air of never going into production.

Actually, that last point isn’t exactly true. Suzuki’s last great vanlet, the Hustler, did indeed get made! You can buy them, even with a tiny little turbo three cylinder and AWD.


So maybe the boxy but cool Air Triser will get made. I hope so. I need it.

Photo Credits: Suzuki

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