Dynamic Airways Boeing 767 Engine Catches Fire While Taxiing For Takeoff

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A Dynamic Airways Boeing 767 was taxiing to depart from Fort Lauderdale International Airport when its port-side engine reportedly caught fire. The fire appears to have been quite severe, damaging the wing and fuselage and billowing large amounts of black smoke. The fire has since been put out and everyone was evacuated from the aircraft safely.

Dynamic Airways, founded in 2010, is a young airline operating mainly from New York and Fort Lauderdale to Venezuela and Guyana as both scheduled service flights and charters. They are said to operate about a half dozen 767s.

A similar incident occurred with a Boeing 777 during its takeoff roll from Las Vegas’s McCarran International Airport early last September, an incident that is still under investigation although uncontained engine failure caused the fire as many presumed.


General Electric was the manufacturer of the 777’s engines, it is not clear if they or Pratt & Whitney were the manufacturer of the Dynamic Air 767-200 involved in today’s incident.

We will keep you updated as details unfold.

UPDATE 11:03AM PST: Fox reports the jet had fuel pouring out of it before the fire and that this 767-200 was built in 1986.


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