Yamaha, Maker Of Clarinets And Bikes, Has A Sports Car Concept

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Yamaha has an extremely diverse portfolio of products for sale. You probably know they make motorcycles but they also do pressure washers, guitars, generators, water pumps and pianos, which actually makes sense as every last one of those things is a musical instrument. This month they’ll show us their idea of a sports car.

We basically don’t know anything about this vehicle yet outside of the official silhouette teaser shot posted above, which I’ve futilely tried to brighten to glean more detail off. Looks a little like an Alfa Romeo 4C plus a little bit of FD RX-7 to me, maybe with an Enzoeque beak on the front?

Anyway all will be revealed on October 29th when the car is trotted out in Yamaha’s booth at the Tokyo Motor Show.


“This car design concept is inspired by motorcycles and expresses the Unique Style of Yamaha,” is the official line from the press release.

Frankly I’d put the likelihood of production on this thing as extremely low. But as Autoblog points out, this wouldn’t exactly be Yamaha’s first foray into automobiles. They’ve made F1 engines, the powerplant for the Ford Taurus SHO, and brought a little electric car concept to the Tokyo show last year.


My colleagues reminded me Yamaha has also made V8s for Volvo and helped develop several engines with Toyota, including the thunderous heart of the LFA. And of course we can’t forget Yamaha’s own supercar: the tandem-seat V12 OX99-11.

Hey now that I think about it, holy crap, Yamaha hurry up and build whatever you’ve got under the tarp!


Image via Yamaha

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