Which Car Company Makes The Ugliest Cars Today?

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I’m pretty conservative when it comes to the aesthetic appeal. For me, the simpler a design is, the better it tends to be. That’s why it pains me to see when car manufacturers jump through hoops to make their cars look like their sole purpose is to have a starring role in the next five Transformers movies. Today, I ask of my audience: What car company has the ugliest cars in its lineup?

Personally, every single car Lexus makes, save for the GS (which is due for a redesign in the coming years) looks absolutely hideous to my getting-older-by-the-second sensibilities. The front end of the RC looks like it was in a quite horrible crash before it left the factory and the whole thing resembles Darth Vader’s salvaged and sadly melted helmet in the latest trailer.

But I could be wrong and I probably am. What manufacturer do you think has the ugliest lineup of cars today?


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