What's The Scariest Car To Drive Quickly?

Most modern cars have systems to keep you from skidding into a ditch at speed, while others throw caution to the wind. These adrenaline-administering thrill machines exist for no other reason but to reassure you that not only does God exist, he’s very angry.

The Porsche Carrera GT is notorious for being a car that can get hairy pretty damn fast. One example claimed the lives of world-famous car enthusiast Paul Walker and friend Roger Rodas, with a handful of others over its relatively short-lived existence. Hell, Jay Leno crashed his GT and his foot is softer than a diaper blowout.


With its tricky clutch, insane power delivery and lightweight chassis, it’s a lot to handle for even the most seasoned professionals. What other cars are notoriously hard to drive at high speed? We’ll be cherry picking the best answers in the next post, so make ‘em good.

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