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Toyota Is Making A New Back To The Future Style Pickup Truck And The Present Is Awesome

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Toyota is milking all the marketing they can out of Back To The Future right now, including making a fake ad for the dealership in the movie. Corny, but cute, and oh my god is that a black 2016 Tacoma with KC lights and a roll bar!?

Yep, it seems pretty clear that the vehicle under the red cover could be nothing else but a 2016 Toyota Tacoma decorated in “Marty McFly” livery. Black paint, two yellow KC lights up front, and a roll bar with four more lights across the top. It’s the one pickup truck every person has ever wanted.

Even your weirdo friend, Derek. And he hates trucks. What gives, Derek?

The original movie truck wouldn’t have been called a Tacoma of course, but it is the predecessor of today’s mid-sized Toyota pickup.


The Back To The Future set designers really knew how to make a pickup truck look sweet thirty years ago. Everybody loves this thing – it’s just rugged enough to be cool without being all obnoxious about it. Don’t you just want to jump in and make mischief in this thing?

Now Toyota’s ad department is taking advantage of a great opportunity to Give The People What They Want with a revisit to one of Hollywood’s most beloved 4x4s.


Heck all they had to do was strap a couple hundred bucks worth of accessories on a Tacoma and you know we’d all go nuts. Whether this will end up being an edition of the truck you can actually buy at a real dealership remains to be seen (I’m going to guess no), but if that’s really the one you want it would be pretty easy to have made.

And in case you’re not on-point with your Back To The Future trivia, Statler Toyota is the fictional dealership where Michael J. Fox’s character Marty McFly gets his truck from. Go ahead and call the number in the video if you want a free license plate frame though.

Apparently there’s “another reveal” coming on October 21st, so I guess we’ll probably see this thing without its sheet on then.

Man, this is heavy.


Hat tip to Hammerheadfistpunch!

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