Has There Ever Been A Perfect Car?

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Of course “the perfect car” is so ambiguous it’s seemingly impossible to provoke any serious thought - but if you thought about a certain car, in a certain class, at a certain time... could you actually come up with one particular perfect model?

In one aspect, the Honda Accord has been the “perfect car” for years in terms of a car being defined as a four-wheeled motorized transportation device that offers convenience and comfort at a reasonable market value.

But I think one could argue that at a certain time, the Volkswagen Beetle was the perfect car for Germany, as that’s exactly what it was conceived to be.


Perfection isn’t necessarily timeless - but I’m not saying it couldn’t be. So with or without context, what would you offer as the perfect “car,” meaning truck or anything motorized with four wheels.

Perhaps the vehicle that is found to be ideal in the most situations is the perfect car? Or is it just the wisest choice? Is there always an opportunity cost? Who knows!

In the right place, at the right time, for a certain person, there’s a perfect car. That’s why this will get hundreds of comments and not one comment with hundreds of votes.

So what do you suggest? It could be a vehicle that filled a niche, saved a company, served a nation, or just looks perfect.



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The idea of a perfect car is subjective. What may be perfect for one person isn’t for another. For me an S60R is damn near perfect, same with a 69 Boss 302.