Mercedes showed up to the Tokyo Motor Show not with a gigantic luxury yacht, not with a huge horsepower supercoupe, but with the Vision Tokyo hydrogen-powered autonomous minivan. And with no need for a driver, there’s no real need for seats as we know them.


The Vision Tokyo concept ditches row-by-row seating and instead orients all the occupants into a limo-style lounge.

With midsize-car kinds of dimensions (length/width/height: 189/83/63 in) you end up with something very roomy for five people. Or two future-cartoons as the above image suggests. The thing looks more like a space pod than anything else.


I guess that’s the only problem with it. Since Mercedes wants their concept to look futuristic, they decked it out to look like a booth at a not-quite-worth-the-line nightclub. This thing would be pretty great with some hardwood floors, some cushy velour or buttonback leather couches, and maybe a drinks globe set in the middle.


Photo Credits: Mercedes-Benz

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