The 2016 Porsche 911 Targa GTS Is More Than Just A Fancy Roof

Just your average 911. Except with all-wheel drive. And more power. And more expensive. And with the coolest roof on the planet.

The brave souls risking life and limb to drive these daring cars at XCAR managed to take you through a brief history lesson of the 2016 Porsche 911 Targa GTS.

It’s a car named after a Porsche racecar (the GTS bit) as well as one of the toughest, maddest races called the Targa Florio (the Targa bit, duh). This is also one of the last 911’s to not go the way of the turbo, and that’s pretty special.


For some, all Porsche models over the last 50-odd years look the same. For others, admiring the specifically detailed differences between each model is the appeal. With either viewpoint, there’s no denying that the 911 Targa GTS will catch your eye in a crowd, and maybe your heart.

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If I were rich I’d..

Uh just buy aa used lotus exige.

And a climbing rockwall.

And a floating bar with crème soda, jack daniels and blood and honey ontap.

And a car lift and toolbox completely full of tools.

And 5 sets of track tires and 5 seasons worth of fluids.

Oh I’d buy my gf some Kate spade stuff and some of the wierd shoes she likes that are horribly uncomfortable.

Then with the extra 40k left over from not buying the Porsche I’d invest that so I can be richer.