There's A Production Porsche That Will Go Anywhere A Regular Beetle Can

It’s called the Porsche 356, and if you still manage to find a beaten up one that’s been neglected for a while, all you need to do is make her run again. The rest will follow according to Petrolucious.

The Porsche 356 didn’t make it into our top ten list of cars for getting off the grid, but that was clearly our mistake.

Ferdinand Porsche designed the company’s first product following the same principles and using the same technologies as with his people’s car, the Volkswagen Beetle. That means these sturdy classics can not only race around the track like there’s no tomorrow or act as the most stylish grocery getters money can buy, but also go off the asphalt, into the forest and up the hill, through dirt, potholes and whatever the unknown can throw at them.


A barn find 356 in a relatively corrosion-free part of the world doesn’t need a big money restoration. Just replace the belts and spark plugs, pour in some fresh oil, have a look at those rusty brakes and start her up as soon as she complies.

A Beetle just won’t cut it anymore.

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*sigh* Any article like this makes me sad, because the above is what my parents swapped for a pair of Pintos in the early 1970s. (Thewhite cabriolet is a 356 A, and the red hardtop a 356C. *sniff*.....)