​Meet The Family That Brought The 'Outlaw' Porsche 356 Into The World

Anyone familiar with 50s-era Southern California customizers knows about the Valley Custom Shop in Burbank. Its founder, Neil Emory, wasn't into the chopped and dropped customs of the time, instead focusing on streamlined rides that came off as a complete reimagining of their humble origins. Over 60 years later, his… »10/28/14 9:20pm10/28/14 9:20pm

Charles Manson's Evil Plans Involved A Crazy Dune Buggy Battalion

It's a strange feeling when you kind of agree with something that Charles Manson did. It's not a good feeling. But I just learned that Charles Manson's insane "Helter Skelter" global race war fever dream used battalions of VW and Porsche-based dune buggies as key components, and I gotta say, at least in this one… »5/06/13 2:28pm5/06/13 2:28pm