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You Can Clean Your Gas Tank With A Honda Quad

If you've ever wondered how to clean the inside of a fuel tank, we found at least one way

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Gif: Steve DaSilva/Rod Emory (In-House Art)

The words “genius” and “innovator” are so over-used that the’ve begun to lose some of their meaning, but I don’t really know what else to call Porsche 356 wizard Rod Emory after seeing this little Instagram Reel.


Cleaning the inside of an old rusty fuel tank is a huge pain. It’s such a gross, annoying job that I recently sent a tank out to be cleaned before refinishing the exterior of it myself. If only I’d have seen this video, I could have avoided the profound shame that comes with paying someone with actual skills and knowledge to fix something the right way.

When faced with the same dilemma, the aforementioned Mr. Emory simply raised a Honda quad on a fork lift and ratchet strapped the tank to one of the rear wheels. With the tank full of fasteners and what I hope is water (as he seems to be pouring it down the drain at one point), the little Honda did the hard, nasty work while Rod looked on. Pretty smart!