This Man Filled His House With 30,000 Toy Cars

The Sultan of Brunei has what’s considered to be the world’s most insane car collection with over 5,000 rare cars. But there’s a suburban dad from Pennsylvania who puts him to shame with over 30,000 vehicles covering nearly every brand and model. And they all fit in his house.


You’d drive right by Andy Goodman’s house, nestled comfortably in suburban Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, completely blind to the fact that behind his garage doors lie over 1,000 square-feet of die-cast cars, trucks and machines spanning 30 years and multiple manufacturers.

About 20 minutes into our interview with Andy Goodman, I heard a phrase I never thought existed before: “full-scale car guy.” I never knew there could be anything other than that. But as Andy continued to explain his love for everything die-cast, it started to make sense why the two enthusiast groups exist, and how they might even be connected.

As the day went on and as we filmed more of Andy’s collection, I reminisced about the cars I used to play with growing up, and even took a few off of Andy’s shelves to ask him what the significance of it was and just like that, we were on the same page. I, a “full-scale” car enthusiast was immediately a “die-cast” car enthusiast.

We went into this Jalopnik Investigates shoot wondering if Andy could be a “real” car enthusiast. We left with an answer.


Andrew P. Collins

So, so great.

I can relate to this guy on so many levels. My Hot Wheels collection isn’t nearly as vast, obviously, but I like them for the same reasons and we seem to have similar tastes.

Why deal with the insurance and parking for real cars when you can have hundreds of toys for less?

(Yeah, I would happily deal with the parking and insurance on a fleet of real cars if I could afford it. But I can’t.)