Comment Of The Day: Islas Malvinas Edition

You know, sometimes you crazy kids say exactly what we’re all thinking. And sometimes you just need to stop trying to fight old fights.

Jeremy Clarkson is a car program host and maybe(?) wanted for switching around some license plates in Argentina. But is it really about some license plates, Argentina? Is it really about a car show? Is it really about some dumb old Porsche and some dumb old presenters? (No, before you say it, I’m not saying I’m not dumb and old, just that everything in the world is.)


Vin thinks it’s about something else:

Sorry Argentina, but Vin is right. Yes, sure, viva Las Malvinas, great, but the Falklands are British forever.

Maybe it’s time to focus on the things you did win?

Congrats on your COTD win, Vin. May you one day find an island of your very own.

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