There’s no love lost between teammates at the United States Grand Prix today. Lewis Hamilton just pushed his Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg out of the way on the first corner of the first lap.

Here’s the view from Rosberg’s car as he gets pushed wide by Hamilton into the run-off area.

Rosberg started from pole position, but Hamilton was #2. They were side-by-side into turn 1 and Hamilton really, really wanted to ensure he got a shot at that World Driver’s Championship in the first turn.


Needless to say, Mercedes’ garage should be plenty awkward this afternoon in Austin.


It’s not over yet, though: Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo just passed Lewis Hamilton on the inside of Turn 18 in a ballsy, ballsy move. Hamilton’s car is also going rather slow, so the commentators aren’t sure if there’s an issue with it or not.

Either way, Honey Badger ain’t care. Honey Badger has the lead for now.

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