The McLaren 570S has an incredible 570 horsepower twin turbo V8 engine mounted between the rear wheels. Want to pop the hood back there to check it out? Not gonna happen!

Look at how tiny that little panel is! Chris Harris shows it off at about 4:00 into the video below.

Manufacturers have been making these access panels smaller and smaller over the years as engines get tucked deeper and deeper under all kinds of hoses and wires and stuff.

For shame! If I buy over a hundred grand’s worth of sports car, I want to go poking around its guts. If I burn my fingers on the turbos every once in a while, that’s on me.

We’ve got our man Máté Petrány in the field with the 570S, so we’ll have a review for you coming up. No word yet on the engine access being the size of a credit card.


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