Tell Us Your Spookiest Top Gear's Stig Stories For Halloween!

Over the years we’ve heard some of the craziest and often terrifying stories said by some about Top Gear’s Stig. For Halloween, how about we round up some of the spookiest, scariest, Stig-iest stories, and try not to wet ourselves.

“Some say he never blinks, and he roams around the woods at night, foraging for wolves.” My god, that’s terrifying.

Some say he follows the hosts on their long adventures, but isn’t invited.

Some say the only time he didn’t show up to work was the day of Richard Hammond’s accident.


Some say he is just a hollow suit, and if you peer into his helmet long enough you end up in a door-less tire-rubber room with the echoing sound of opera music and a single can of motor oil.

Some say there were notes found in his dressing room of a detailed 12 year plan to dethrone Jeremy Clarkson and force the BBC to shut the show down, only to relaunch with him as the main presenter.

All we know is, he’s absolutely terrifying.

Okay, so let’s try and keep this Halloween themed, so give me the spookiest, scariest, Stig-iest “Some say” stories you can imagine. Whether it’s a favorite from the show, or something of your own creation. Just make it scary.


I’ll round up what I think are the best for a post on Friday - just in time for Halloween!

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Wobbles the Mind

Some say he is the embodiment of the electrical gremlins that plague British cars.

Some say the reason superchargers whine is because they can’t get away from him.

Some say the new car smell disappears as he gets closer to finding out where you live.

Some say he is ALWAYS the driver behind you on dark country roads.