Cancel Your Day Plans Because The Full Goodwood Revival Races Are Now On YouTube

The motorsports TV schedule is fairly light this weekend, but don’t worry — the Goodwood Road & Racing folks recently added a treasure trove of full-length races to their YouTube channel (they’re also posted for viewing on the Goodwood Revival website).


A majority of the uploads come from the Goodwood Revival group, whose drivers got behind the wheel of historic cars at the Goodwood Motor Circuit in West Sussex, England a couple of weeks ago for the annual Goodwood Revival meeting. There more than 15 uploads of full races on the channel, so you’ll have plenty of racing to keep you entertained.

And you thought you were going to be productive today — ha! Caught you before all of that madness started.

There are highlight videos from the races as well, so here’s a taste of what you can watch on the Goodwood channel:

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I was so bitterly disappointed when I started that video and there was no engine sound at all...