Here's Our Video Look At What It's Like To Drive The Tesla Model X

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The first Tesla Model X full-electric SUVs have hit the road this week, and we got a a little time to shake it down all the way to 80 MPH in the company parking lot.


A Tesla product planner named Richard was kind enough to ride shotgun with me, show me some features, and keep me from tearing off into the sunset never to be seen again.


This video should give you a little taste of what features caught my eye and what the vehicle’s like to experience. Let us know what you think in the comments, and what we should look at a little more closely the next time we get to drive a Model X more than a mile!

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I just found one issue. In the video it was mentioned that the car automatically turns on the brake lights whenever you let off the accelerator. That to me could become a problem. Why? As owner of a Volt, I can tell you that many of us who own either plugin or full EVs that it is super common for most of us to intentionally let off of the accelerator whenever we’re in heavy traffic and just let the car roll. We do so of course because of the regenerative braking which charges the battery and extends the range. I’d say about 20-30% of the time I’m driving my car it is in “rolling and slowing” mode with my foot off the accelerator. As such if my car had the same feature as the X does people would be seeing my brake lights on... a LOT... as in distractingly so. So unless the X really and truly dramatically slows down when someone lets off the accelerator I don’t see this as being useful or beneficial.