The BMW G310 Stunt concept just made its debut at Brazil’s Sao Paulo Motorcycle show, dripping with crazy colors and hooligan farkle. That bling probably won’t see production, but the 310cc engine and frame style just might be the base for an inexpensive BMW bike line.


MCN seems to think this G310 is a “90% accurate representation” of a new single-cylinder small-displacement lineup BMW’s cooking up.

They say we’re looking at completely new steel and aluminum frame built specifically around a 310cc DOHC four-stroke engine with liquid cooling that was completely “designed and engineered by BMW” but will be built in conjunction with an Indian collaborative outfit called TVS.

BMW has made some badass little one-cylinder machines in the recent past. I’ve only ridden the G650 X-Challenge, which is obviously more than twice the size and already about a decade old, but I remember it well enough to get an itchy trigger finger every time one comes up on Craigslist around here.


A brand-new small-cc bike with BMW power would be a hoot, especially in an off-road trim which we just might get if bygone BMW lineups are any indication of the company’s future plans.


Images via BMW

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