Here's The Best Speed-For-Dollars Deal On The Internet Right Now

What’s your car good for; 130 MPH? Maybe 150? Whatever, it’s pretty much all the same until you clear 1,000 and for $185,000, this fifty-year-old slab of Soviet metal will get you to the speed of sound. I mean as soon as you figure out how to fly it.

This 1965 Mikoyan MiG 21PF is for sale by Raptor Aviation on Trade-A-Plane and BringATrailer at an airport in Immokalee, Florida. Listings say it retired from duty in the Czech Air Force in 1990, came to the U.S. shortly after that and was registered here in 1993. Apparently it’s licensed, legal, and ready to fly over American skies.


The sellers say it’s got service records all the way back to when it was built, comes with everything you need to alight in Soviet splendor including two parachutes. That’s one for the plane, to slow it down on landing, and one for you in case the “landing” isn’t going as planned.

Also: the most aggressively teal interior I’ve seen on any vehicle that wasn’t stanced. Since everything old is new again the steel-on-teal swatch of this thing is actually hella stylish right now. Surprised that isn’t emphasized more in the ad.

You want more specs? Okay; it’s got a Tumansky R-11F2-300 engine, Magellan Skynav 5000 GPS, King KY 96A Comm and a King KT 79 Transponder. Is that good? I’m getting my checkbook ready but I don’t want to have to replace a bunch of GPSs and Comms and Transponders before going supersonic on my weekends.


This is the perfect way to one-up that prick down the street who just spent his $180,000 on a lameass Continental GT. He’s gonna flip when you literally blow his doors of as whip around his house at mach one.


Images via Raptor Aviation. Hat tip to James!

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