Bus Fire Sends Smoke Wafting Over NASCAR Race At Kansas Speedway

If you took a charter bus to the NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Kansas Speedway today, you might want to be worried about anything you left behind on said bus. A bus in a parking lot outside turn 4 caught fire, sending smoke up and over into the track.


According to NASCAR’s Zack Albert, who is at the track, the fire is under control. This didn’t prevent the fire from being the source of many chuckles.

This is not the first time a fire at Kansas has blown smoke onto the track. A few years ago, a grass fire broke out during a race there.

Maybe Kansas should just embrace their status as a hotbed of racing fire activity. Does anyone have a vehicle that just needs burnin’? Just make sure it’s not a stolen Greyhound. All potential victims of The NASCAR Peoples’ Curse must belong to their owners. Thanks in advance.


Photo credit: Getty Images

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