What Do You Do With a Free Ford Tempo?

We got a really great judicial bribe at last weekend's Sears Pointless 24 Hours of LeMons race: a beat-to-hell, unregisterable, not-legal-for-public-streets Ford Tempo. After honoring Ford_Tempo_Fanatic with a Tempo DOTS recently, we found ourselves in something of a dilemma. » 3/13/10 7:00pm 3/13/10 7:00pm

And The People's Curse Is... The Black Iron Racing BMW 540!

Black Iron Racing, winners of the Altamont '07 race, went with their standard LeMons formula for Buttonwillow: BMW 5 Series minus all the bodywork equals win! Unfortunately for them, they didn't modify their driving technique. » 8/16/09 2:45pm 8/16/09 2:45pm

24 Hours Of LeMons New England People's Curse: The Pimpala!

Reports from Stafford Motor Speedway indicate that the target of the racers' race was the #699 Pimpala, a 2000 Chevrolet Impala. They went with a new and extremely sadistic method-o-destruction this time! » 7/12/09 1:45pm 7/12/09 1:45pm

So What's The Deal With This People's Curse Business?

After the thrice-Cursed Black Widow Miata team fled the People's Curse at the 24 Hours Of LeMons New Orleans, LeMons fans have been going through an Agonizing Reappraisal of the whole crush-a-car-at-each-race idea. » 6/13/09 10:30am 6/13/09 10:30am

This was the , and it earned the Curse by virtue of its newness and V8 power, plus its perceived…

People's Curse Winner Packs Up, Flees LeMons Justice!

It's a 24 Hours Of LeMons first: the People's Curse winner, upon hearing the bad news, loaded the race car into the trailer and roared out of town! » 6/07/09 1:00pm 6/07/09 1:00pm

The Mob Has Spoken: The Superkak Racing Mustang GT Must Die!

We had another landslide vote in the 24 Hours Of LeMons People's Curse: the Superkak Racing v2.0 1995 Ford Mustang GT has a date with some heavy construction equipment! » 4/05/09 2:00pm 4/05/09 2:00pm

LeMons Arse Freeze-A-Palooza People's Curse Winner: The Blues Brothers…

At every 24 Hours Of LeMons race, the teams vote on the car they'd like to see destroyed… and they get their wish! This time it was the manual-trans-equipped Crown Vic of Blues Brothers Racing. » 12/29/08 7:00pm 12/29/08 7:00pm