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Holy Crap This Crash Test Video Of Counterfeit Seat Belts Is Terrifying

You can now add seat belts to the list of counterfeit items you should look out for when you’re shopping for your car. And holy crap should you look out for this stuff because it’s terrifying.


The video above features just a 50 mile per hour crash with a set of fake racing belts, and it looks very much deadly.


The video comes from Carms council in Wales, where the local Carmarthenshire Trading Standards discovered someone selling low-cost knockoff Sabelt, Sparco and Takata harnesses on Facebook and eBay.

As AxisOfOversteer points out, the savings you might get from skimping on safety equipment is very much not worth the risk illustrated above.

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Garrett Davis

Just getting the right belts isn’t enough either. Far too often I see the harnesses mounted incorrectly — even if they are plenty secure. The angle from your shoulders to the mounting point is a huge deal, and if they are mounted at too sharp of a downward angle, the belts can compress your spine in even a relatively mild roll over.

There was a couple in my Jeep club that had their harnesses mounted at nearly a 90 degree angle, and nearly died in a pretty minor roll over. If I remember correctly the husband is paralyzed from the waste down and they both needed extensive surgeries to even function again.

Serious stuff. If you’re not going to do things 100% correctly, there’s a good chance your boring old regular seat belts are a hell of a lot safer.