NASCAR Driver Joey Logano Gets His Own Corn Maze And We're All Pretty Jealous

Every year, an Arizona farm (wait, there’s more than just desert land there?) crafts its own corn maze dedicated to a certain celebrity. This year, NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Joey Logano had the honor of being etched in corn.

As weird of a thing as it is to be jealous of, I’m pretty sure everyone secretly wants to have a corn maze dedicated to them.


Celebrities lucky enough to be featured in past Schnept Farms corn mazes include Steve Nash, Oprah Winfrey and Larry King. Logano — who sits fourth in the championship points prior to the third race of the Chase for the Sprint Cup — saw his design revealed at Dover International Speedway on Friday, and he looked quite tickled with the whole thing (I would be too).

The Logano maze sits near two others, one with a Shell logo carved into it and another featuring a promotion for 811, the national phone number for “call before you dig.”

(Note: Omitted my “we dig this corn maze, so does that qualify?” from serious consideration for this post. But I enjoy my lame jokes, so let’s hope you got a giggle too.)


What’s really funny is that the corn artists — no, not the band, its name starts with a “K” — depicted one of Logano’s most flattering photos after winning this year’s Daytona 500, and improved the facial expression just a tad:


That, folks, is genuine excitement. And it’s sort of disappointing that Logano didn’t recreate that face when seeing the photo of his likeness as a giant corn maze. But, he did tell Fox Sports that he thought it was pretty cool:

“I was blown away by what I saw,” said Logano. “The maze is incredible and I have never seen anything like before, nor would I have ever imagined being a part of something like this when I started racing. I think it’s very cool that it is symbolic of our Daytona 500 win. That was a pretty big surprise and something I’ll always remember. I’m pretty sure I’d get lost inside that thing.”


Pretty sure we’d all get lost, Logano. That’s the point of a maze.

Photo credit: Brian Lawdermilk/Getty Images, Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

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