What The Hell Is Going On In This Peugeot 308 GTi Commercial?

So we have Peugeot’s new hot hatch, the 308 GTi, running from a fleet of bad guys in American cars chasing our assumed heroes, a man and his monkey, as they jump parking decks and.. slap the Yakuza?

I... I have no idea what the hell is going on. Let’s break it down and see if we can figure this shit out.

Everything looks pretty typical in the first few seconds. There’s a hatchback seemingly running from people, with some low-rent action movie soundtrack and phoney engine revs edited in. No problem.

Then the fucking monkey. Why is this hot-hatch demographic man being chased through a city with a small primate? Is this the life Peugeot thinks young males dream about?


And what about the people chasing our dynamic duo? Well we know they’re bad guys because they all drive American muscle cars or big SUVs, sport sloppy tattoos that guarantee they won’t get an honest job, and seemingly all shave their heads, just like when they were in prison.

They’re also incredibly stupid, as they can’t help but crash into one another for no reason other than the man and the monkey swerving to the left slightly.

The Peugeot gets away by driving off the the parking deck a few floors up (with no barriers, apparently) and landing on the ground with nothing more than a squeak from the tires. Sure.

So why were they being chased? Well apparently it was for the monkey to run into what seems to be the Yakuza cover shop and slap the mafioso, just so they can get chased all over again.


How fun! What am I watching again? Another shitty Luc Besson action movie? I’m still confused.

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You, dear sir, are in need of education.

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