Juan Pablo Montoya Has The Wildest Shoes In Motorsport

I saw more former F1 drivers walking around the paddocks at the Mexican Grand Prix than current ones, but only a single soul with the fashion sense of Juan Pablo Montoya.

Montoya might have the record of the fastest Formula 1 lap ever. He might even have what it takes to score the first “triple crown” since 1972. He has plenty of time to get there, we will see. What we shouldn’t see though are his shoes.


Ferrari, please just send them a pair of your Pumas.

Talking of Pumas, look how clean David Coulthard kept his pair of whites! Does that go through on television? I’m pretty sure the BBC crew had to use special filters to record in that spectrum of light.


I have nothing on Niki Lauda’s shoes.


Either way, the Mexican Grand Prix should be a good one.

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