This Road Legal Monster Is Radically Faster And Cheaper Than Any Hybrid Supercar

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If you bought a McLaren P1 in order to have the fastest road-legal track car money can buy, we’ve got bad news, buddy. The Radical RXC Turbo has it beat for way less.

Some say the McLaren P1 is faster than the Porsche 918 Spyder or a LaFerrari around the track. Others claim the Porsche can beat the P1 despite being the most comfortable car of the trio. And the LaFerrari? No comment on that one.

Either way, all three sold out a long time ago, but those quick enough had to spend more than a million dollars to get into the hyper fast road car club. Yet calling these road cars still feels like bit of a stretch, despite their air-conditioning and buttons that tone down everything on your way to the grocery store.


With their wide bodies, practically no sound isolation and every stone picked up by those sticky Pirellis/Michelins knocking on the carbon tub, you remain pretty far from the comfort level of a Porsche 911 or a McLaren 650S.

That brings us to the Radical RXC Turbo. Since we found it ludicrous that naturally-aspirated RXC is road legal, how about the turbo with its 530 horsepower twin-turbo 3.5 Ford V6? With a full carbon body that produces real downforce, this road-legal track car beats McLaren P1s all day long while costing just $216,000. Value for money, the British way.

By the way, Evo’s Mr. Jethro Bovingdon finished tenth overall last weekend driving the yellow SCG 003C at the Nürburgring’s VNL9. Is yellow the new red?


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Mr. Ligier 812 GTC4Lusso Rubicon Pista

Except not street legal in the CA, and the importer won’t help you with that either. I tried to buy one last year.