How Much Money Would You Spend To Keep Your Car On the Road?

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Whenever I introduce the idea of buying a depreciated car over a new one, I get a perfectly timed, not-at-all novel response of “It’ll cost an arm and several legs to keep on the road!” That got me thinking - what’s a reasonable threshold to maintain a car on a road for a year?

Personally, I’m one of the cheapest people on the planet, so I’d scoff at anything that cost me more than a few grand a year to maintain, unless it’s an extreme rarity or a supercar, but I understand that my situation might not be the typical one. Let’s get a car enthusiast consensus, how much is too much to keep your car running for a year?

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Urambo Tauro

My car is 20 years old. I expect to encounter (on average) two repairs per year.

For example, it may need a battery and a water pump one year, then a heater core and a brake job the following year. If I get through one year where it needs nothing but a new thermostat, well that’s a great relief as far as my wallet’s concerned, but I’m going to prepare for the next year, which could be a doozy between a starter, tires, a tune-up, and a leaking power steering hose.

You just never know what’s going to be next. Since I do as much of my own wrenching as possible, I loosely budget about $1000 annually, which goes towards parts/materials/tools, and occasional shop labor for special jobs like alignments, etc.