Watch A Runaway Truck Turn A Russian Road Into 'Curling With Cars'

Truck YeahThe trucks are good!

These cars must have been inspired by this sliding truck’s rebellion. They don’t need drivers, they’re off on their own thanks bye!


If you live in a place with snow and you don’t get winter tires, your car will turn into a bowling ball. If your car is a big truck, the chain reaction of disaster you can start is even worse. Or more hilarious, for somebody watching from a window.

Cue’d it up where the action starts, at around 0:45:

Looks like somebody shot this on good old Komsomolsk Street a couple winters ago. But I hadn’t seen it, and I sure am glad I have now.

Best enjoyed, obviously, with the Benny Hill song.

Stay safe out there guys, and get some good tires before the snow starts coming down!

Hat tip to Alex!

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The Scorpion King

I humbly submit this dumpster fire that happened in Colorado Springs a few years ago. Benny Hill music for added effect.