F1's Nico Rosberg Blames United States Grand Prix Loss On Gust Of Wind

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Perhaps taking a page from the McLaren Formula One team, Mercedes F1 driver Nico Rosberg blamed the final mistake that let teammate Lewis Hamilton through to the lead at the United States Grand Prix on a gust of wind.

Rosberg told the BBC:

It was a gust of wind - a big one. I’m serious!

Everybody [experienced it] so you can’t use it as an excuse, but I understand my mistake now and that’s important, for me to understand it.


Rosberg running wide at the turn 16-17-18 complex cost him the lead with only nine laps to go.

It was insanely windy all weekend long thanks to the remnants of Hurricane Patricia that beat down on central Texas, so myth plausible.

Rosberg continued to the BBC:

It was a very unusual scenario which happened only once in all those laps.

I understand the mistake and that helps me a lot moving forward. I lost a lot of rear downforce as a result.


Either way, you know Rosberg’s still pretty annoyed with himself for the flub. That really blows, man.

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Kenny and the Llamas

It was also a gust of wind that sent the hat back at Lewis. Nico was just trying to do a Charlie Chaplin flip up onto his head. *whoosh*, everyone thinks he was mad. Guy can’t catch a break.