This Grocery Store Gets It: Insane Farmer Plus V8 Tractor Equals Profit

Truck YeahThe trucks are good!

Putting a 400 horsepower V8 in a fifty-year-old Ferguson tractor is awesome. Letting some batshit stuntman “farmer” behind the wheel is even better and dropping in a badass soundtrack makes this the best grocery store ad ever.


“Dorfdrift” is a promotional spot for a German grocery chain. I guess the message is that their food deliveries are fresh. Get it?! The video is heavily Hollywoodified but if you don’t get hung up on “realism” it’s just plain riotously entertaining.

And that dopeass musical accompaniment? “Heart Of Steel” by Zac Bryan & The Fireboys, which you can listen to and download right here. I’ve been rocking out to it all day!


Hat tip to skwimjim!

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