Yamaha may not have a supercharged or turbocharged motorcycle to show at this year’s bike shows, but this PES2 Electric Concept certainly isn’t lacking in the cool department.

Yamaha released the PES1 and PED1 concepts back in 2013, with grand claims about bringing an electric motorcycle to market by 2016. That schedule seems to have gone out the window, but they are teasing this PES2 Concept which is set for release at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month.


While this would normally be a pretty huge disappointment, the progress from the PES1 is massive. If you look closely, you’ll see that this bike has a hub motor attached to the front wheel, making it two wheel drive. Also, take a gander at that front suspension and tell me what’s missing. No, I didn’t photoshop half of the fork out. Do we even call it a fork now?


They also released this picture of the second iteration of their PED2 electric dirtbike concept. They’ve released nothing about the bike other than that it weighs under 220 pounds.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for real pics and more info.