Last month, Lime Rock Park filed a motion with the Litchfield Superior Court asking for more reasonable usage restrictions. As a result, a local zoning commission is trying to take control of the facility away from the state and the courts. That zoning decision will not happen this week.

According to Lime Rock Park press, public relations and editorial director Rick Roso, the Salisbury Planning and Zoning Commission will not be making a decision on adopting tighter control of Lime Rock Park’s functions this week.

Roso described the number of attendees at this week’s Planning and Zoning Commission public hearing as an “assembled throng.” At the end of the hearing, PZC Chairman Michael Klemens announced that the commission would take up the issue again on November 16.

There has been no decision as of yet from the Litchfield Superior Court on Lime Rock Park’s motion, which asks for a limited number of Sundays where they can use the track, several Thursday unmufflered test days in place of their usual Tuesdays, and extended hours on race weekends that are more in line with those at other facilities nationwide. Currently, the track is unable to run on Sundays at all under their current set of usage restrictions, which were last revised in 1988.


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